14 years as a Paramedic: Jared Parramore

Debbie Snapp
ECB Publishing, Inc.

Jared Parramore is a 14-year Paramedic, Emergency Medical Technician and Firefighter with the Jefferson County Fire Rescue department. It's a job, and a passion, he takes very seriously.
He shares that he always wanted to be a firefighter. It was when he entered firefighting school that he realized his passion for the medical field.
Parramore is a 2002 Godby High School graduate and was a team player in the winning of the 2001 Baseball State Championship.
He was career educated in Madison at North Florida Community College and at Chipola College in Marianna. His curriculum included theoretical and simulated learning, clinical and internship experiences; preparing him with knowledge, skills and effective learning for his career choice.
Parramore loves helping people and the hours sometimes spent with them. He's delivered babies, thankfully they have all been healthy, and does keep in contact with some of the families he's dealt with.
Some of his duties as Captain with the department include grant writing, supplies, quality assurance and working with the public... not just going on emergency runs.
Department personnel help to install smoke detectors, offer Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) classes, volunteer training and working with the Department of Forestry, along with Smokey Bear, teaching kids fire prevention.
Jefferson County Fire Rescue does a lot of community involvement activities, such as safety checks on area businesses and working health fairs with local churches and the department of health.
Parramore is married with a young daughter. In his off-time he enjoys time with his family, boating, fishing and physical workouts.
His shift is most usually 48 hours on and 96 hours off, which may seem like a comfortable job to some people, but it can be tiring and a strain at times. This schedule works well for him now but he shares that when his daughter gets to the “playing sports age” it may get a bit harder to get used to.