2019-2020 Bus Routes

All bus routes will start at approximately 6 a.m. Bus times will be estimated the first week of school and will modify accordingly.
If you have additional questions or concerns please call (850) 997-3555.

T. Martinez - Bus number 1008: 146 to Bassett Dairy Rd., left to 257 N. Salt, Hartsfield to 146. 146 to 221, 146 back to school.

D. Cordle - Bus number 1009: Bus barn to Cooper’s Pond, then right onto Waukeenah Hwy. to Casa Bianca. Casa Bianca to Old Lloyd Rd., then left on Pinneywood. Right on Rabon to Doke Rd., turn around back to Waukeenah Hwy., then right on Waukeenah Nash Rd. to school on Hwy 19.

M. Howard - Bus number 1010: Curtis Mill Rd., Thompson Valley to Ebenezer Rd., Hatchett Rd. to Attatulga Rd., Boland Cemetery, Alexander Rd., Brown Rd., Freeman Rd., right on Pineview, Twin Acres, then left on Nash to school.

G. Scott - Bus number 1011: from bus barn to S. Salt back to U.S. 19 N., 19 N. to Barber Hill Rd. S., left on 257 E., Lamont Subdivision, Mays and Turkey Scratch, right on Blue Lake to Thomas Rd., continue on Blue Lake to U.S. 90. left on 90 to Lonnie Rd., 90 W. to CR 257. Left on 257, right on Aucilla Hwy. to Kinsey Rd., make a right to U.S. 90, make a left then to school.

W. Hawkins - Bus number 1012: from barn to 259 to Limestone, back to Gamble Rd., right on Gamble, make a left on Pinhook , right on Chancey, left on Tintop, right on Walker Springs, left on Horseshoe make circle back to Walker Spring, right on Walker Spring. left onto 259, then right on 59 to Mimosa Court ...turn around continue St. Augustine, West to Armstrong, left to U.S. 27 right to Birdwell trailer park.

A. Benjamin - Bus number 1013: U.S. 90 east to 59, 59 to Sego turn around, to 59 to Barrington Rd., up to Lloyd Creek Rd., Lloyd Acres. Christmas, then Old Lloyd Rd., to Hwy. 90. then to Montivilla, and Little Angels...then to school.

C. Ford - Bus number 1014: leave barn to Lake Rd., Norris Plantation turn around, come back to Ostringer, out to 19 N. to Ga. line, Ga. line right on N. Gilley to Fulford, left on Fulford to Groover, right on Groover, to Dills. right on Dills to Hopson, Hopson to 149 to the school.

E. Brooks - Bus number 3029: right on Madison, Madison and Railroad, left to Orange and Blue store, right on Cypress, to Goldburg, back to Chestnut, to U.S. 19 N. ...U.S. 19 N. to Dixie, right on Florida Avenue right on Carolina, left on Virginia, right on Mississippi, left on Rocky Branch to Texas Hill. Left on Boston Hwy. to 19 N. to Parkway Pines, turn around right on Tecumesh, left on Lake, right on West Lake, left on New Monticello, left on 90 E., right on Water Street.

L. Wade - Bus number 12-53: Waukeenah St., Palmer Mill, Branch St., Second St., King St., Jefferson Arms to school.
Leon County ESE - Macon.