Artists at Jefferson Somerset recognized

Debbie Snapp
ECB Publishing, Inc.

Braeden West, Jovanny Perez and Kelsey Turner are all fifth grade students and artists at Jefferson Somerset Academy.
A piece of their artwork was auctioned off earlier this year at a function held at the school to raise funds for school-related club projects and programs.
Braeden West is the son of Celleste Henson and Ira West. He wants to be a fisherman and seller of fish when he grows up. His work of art has been donated to the Monticello American Legion Post 49, to be displayed on the post wall.
Jovanny Perez is the son of Laura and Max Perez. He wants to be an engineer when he finishes his schooling. His artwork will be displayed with other valuable prints on the home walls of the auction winner.
Kelsey Turner is the daughter of Donna Turner and Vernon Brock. She wants to continue painting and to become an accomplished artist someday. Her artwork was gifted back to her for her April birthday.
Art Teacher Bridget Akers says that only a limited amount of students were able to submit artwork for the auction. They all wanted their work displayed but they didn't all want it to be sold. The students were chosen by a list of their good works, including things like going to class and completing homework.
Through the month of May, Jefferson Arts displayed artwork in the gallery from students attending Jefferson Somerset.