Big Bend Hospice Bereavement Services

`Story Courtesy of Big Bend Hospice

Big Bend Hospice is known for the outstanding services they provide to hospice patients, but there is much more to Big Bend Hospice. Did you know that Big Bend Hospice provides Bereavement service to patient families and the community? Bereavement services are provided to families that are experiencing grief and loss. Big Bend Hospice provides 13 months of bereavement support to all love ones that had a family member in hospice services. Patient’s families can also receive anticipatory grief counseling, individual grief sessions, bereavement letters, telephone support, and an invitation to memorial services throughout the year.
Big Bend Hospice not only provides bereavement to patient’s families, but they also provide community bereavement support. Community Bereavement support is provided for those who have no affiliation with Big Bend Hospice but are dealing with the death of a loved one. These support services include individual counseling, grief support groups, consulting and debriefing for schools, businesses, and a monthly organizations suicide loss grief support group.
Big Bend Hospice has been providing special grief support services for youth since 1995. Big Bend Hospice provides individual counseling to children and teens. They host monthly children and teen family nights, as well as three family nights a year. Annually Big Bend Hospice has a one-day bereavement camp for youth age 6-11 called Camp Woe-Be-Gone. They also have an annual one-day camp for bereaved teens for ages 12-18 called Teen Woe-Be-Gone.
Big Bend Hospice recognizes the need for grief support for all individual suffering from a loss, so they provide services in 8 counties of the Big Bend area which include: Leon, Wakulla, Franklin, Taylor, Madison, Jefferson, Gadsden and Liberty. All Big Bend Hospice Counselors are required to hold a Master’s Level Degree and rely on current research to meet the needs of every client. If you or someone you know is in need of Bereavement Services, please contact Big Bend Hospice at (850) 878-5310 or