Black in America

When are we going to get over it? When are black people going to say “I am a person”, and not just a black person? Until black folks see themselves as a person and not a discriminated against black person there will be no progress on race relations in this country. Michelle Obama, the first black first lady of the United States, in an address to the Tuskeegee graduating class did nothing to further race relations in this country. She pictured black people as being the target of white discrimination throughout society. It appeared that she wanted black folks to wear their race on their sleeve. The message was if you are black you are subject to prejudice and you should be ready to play the race card as often as needed. I have a number of black friends but I do not see them as black. I see them as people just like me. I am frankly tired of black people saying “I deserve special privilege because I am black.” You do not. You deserve the privileges of all Americans under the Constitution of this country. No more, no less. Charles E. McClellan