Catch of the Day: submerged vehicle fished from Lake Miccosukee

Ashley Hunter
ECB Publishing, Inc.

A fisherman at the Lake Miccosukee boat landing found a little more than just fish, turtles and birds when he visited the boat landing last week.
On Thursday, January 3, the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office (JCSO) received a call at 8:17 a.m. regarding a suspicious incident at the Lake Miccosukee landing.
According to the caller, he had arrived at the boat ramp in order to go fishing and spotted a strange white object submerged under the water. Upon closer investigation, the caller realized that the object was a vehicle.
JCSO's Deputy Bradley responded to the call and made contact with the caller.
Due to the darkened water in which the white car was submerged in, the caller was not able to tell whether or not anyone was in the vehicle and the caller attested that he did not see anyone leaving the scene.
Deputy Bradley and Deputy Adamczyk conducted a visual inspection from the boat ramp and were able to see that the windows on the vehicle had been rolled down and the sunroof opened and there seemed to be no signs of entrapment.
After it was determined that there were no individuals at risk within the submerged car, Lt. Barfield called for assistance from the Jefferson County Fire Rescue in order to aid the JCSO in recovering the submerged vehicle from the lake.
With the fire rescue's assistance, the JCSO'S boat team successfully extracted the vehicle from the waters of Lake Miccosukee, but the vehicle did sustain some damage during the extraction – such as scrape marks and dings that were caused by the boat and straps used to secure and pull the car out of the water.
After the vehicle was pulled back onto dry land, Deputies Bradley and Adamczyk made contact with the other individuals who were fishing on the pier that extended over a portion of the lake.
One witness informed the deputies that she and her husband had arrived at the lake around 7:05 a.m., and they had noticed the white object in the water but believed it was a submerged boat.
At the time of their arrival, the witness said that she and her husband were the only people at the boat ramp and they did not see anyone leaving.
Returning their attention to the vehicle, Deputy Adamczyk ran the Florida license plate tag number on the vehicle, which was a white, 2008 Mazda SUV. The vehicle had significant damage to the front end, such as a shattered windshield, roof damage and large dents in the hood.
Personnel on the scene were informed that the vehicle may have been involved in an incident that had taken place earlier in Tallahassee and that the Tallahassee Police Department were arriving to take possession of the vehicle as material in their investigation.
Tallahassee Police Department investigators arrived at the boat ramp and took possession of the vehicle, which was towed off of the scene by Lake Jackson Towing.
ECB Publishing, Inc. contacted the Tallahassee Police Department and was informed that this is still an ongoing investigation. No information has been provided as to the nature of the incident, how the vehicle came to be in the lake, or whether there are any suspects.