Chamber Happenings

Debbie Snapp
ECB Publishing, Inc.

Monticello Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce news for the last quarter of 2017 will begin with the Members Christmas Party held in early December. 100+ attended the Tuesday gathering with several staying to chat into the evening. Unfortunately Chamber Executive Director Katrina Richardson was unable to come in and enjoy the party as she had injuries from a fall earlier in the week. She did however make a showing. Her daughter brought her to the chamber party, and parked her vehicle out front for guests to come out to visit with her.
The November Chamber After 5 was held at Simpson's Nursery with quite a few business friends attending for a walkabout the newly constructed facility. Nursery personnel were on-hand to talk about the business and owner Fred Beshears talked about the new additions to the building and about the future of the wholesale business. The nursery employees about 150 here in Monticello and about 50 in Tennessee, a location that opened in 2013.
The next Chamber After 5 will be held at Gelling's Floral Design, 190 East Dogwood Street, at North Cherry Street on Thursday, December 21 from 5 to 7 p.m. This is a member's social and is meant to bring together members of the business community in a fun-filled atmosphere designed to encourage networking and interaction while enjoying tasty food and drink. Members form comfortable relationships, which strengthens community bonds. People do business with people they know. Promoting Business; Promoting Monticello.
The Chamber Jefferson BBQ Fest cheered on a few new winners this past November. Winner of the 'Best Chicken' was Team Pork Rindz, Scott McCormick. Winner of the 'Best Ribs' was Crombie's Crew, Rob Crombie. Winner of the 'Best Pork' was Bless Your Heart BBQ, Gary Gray. Grand Champion and Over-all Winner was Crombie's Crew, Rob Crombie. People's Choice Winner was Team Pork Rindz, Scott McCormick. The 'Best Pie' Contest Winner was Lisa Reasoner Hall. The annual BBQ Fest event was the best held to date with a guess of 500+ passing through the entranceway. The Baby Gray Band was very-well received and played through the evening. The Greased Pig Contest was enjoyed by all, the players and the watchers. Lots of pictures and short videos were taken of the children, and adults chasing and catching the six little piggies. Vendors did rather-well too. Their booths stayed filled with customers and browsers.
The January 9, 2018 Membership Luncheon will be held at 12 p.m. on Tuesday, catered by Rev Cafe.