Civics & Econ 101

Unfortunately a number of our elected officials did not take, or did not pay attention in, an eighth (8th) grade civic class. This county is a “democratic republic”, not a pure democracy. The Electoral College is based on the number in the House of Representatives (435), the number of Senators (100) and three (3) for Washington, D.C. – 538. Some politicians want to do away with the Electoral College (it’s usually when their party lost). Do they want to do away with the United States Senate too? Each state has 2 Senators. North Dakota, and many other states would not be happy.
They want the President to be elected by popular vote!!?? Do you really want California, Washington, Oregon, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Connecticut running this whole county? The House of Representatives apparently cannot do its job and pass legislation which is for the good of country and its people. Look at the “block voting”. Is there not one (1) single elected representative who has a different view or opinion than his/her “party line”?
We give away billions to foreign governments and countries. Why don’t we use that money, or a portion thereof, to assist and help Americans? After all, “it’s our money”. And I don’t mean “free stuff” for everybody – free medical, free college, free housing, free phones, free food, free transportation, free TVs, free computers, free clothes, and so forth. Don’t they get it? “Free” is not free. Somebody has to pay for it.
You want a shocker? Take a look at what U.S. Representatives and U.S. Senators get free; and I don’t just mean the “retirement” pay and medical. “We the people” need to get informed and stay informed.

Robert E. Morris
Jefferson County Resident