“Close Local” with North Florida Abstract and Title

Ashley Hunter, ECB Publishing, Inc.

Homes are big investments.
“Protect your investment and buy Owners Title Insurance,” is a message of Leslie Wilkinson, new owner of North Florida Abstract and Title (NFAAT).
“Close Local” is the maxim of NFAAT and it's owner, Wilkinson. When you choose to buy a home in Jefferson County, choose a local business, with local employees, with local interests.
NFAAT has a history rooted deeply in the Jefferson and Monticello community.
In 1972, the business started out as Monticello Abstract & Title Co before receiving a name change and becoming North Florida Abstract & Title.
Since then, there have been a few owner and location changes, but NFAAT continues to offer its clients the same small town service for their customer's real estate closings.
“The previous owners of this company have stellar reputations and I intend to carry on those same relationships that have kept us standing strong in our community,” said Wilkinson.
“One of my goals is for Jefferson County properties to be closed in Jefferson County,” added Wilkinson. It will require a lot of work and time to meet her goal and she is ready for the challenge. For starters, Wilkinson plans to bring awareness of the services that NFAAT offers. Bottom line, if you are buying, selling or refinancing your home, call Leslie Wilkinson to help you. Secondly, she wants to make North Florida Abstract and Title a known name amongst Tallahassee realtor circles. She would love an opportunity to help welcome their buyers into our community.
Wilkinson's number one goal, however, is to uphold the customer service and tight knit networking that previous owners, Nikki Shepherd and John Gebhard were able to secure over the decades.
“I took over the business from John at the beginning of the year. While I worked with him for a few years prior, I realized the relationships he had built and the importance of maintaining that service,” said Wilkinson. “We wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for the loyalty of our local realtors and banks. I want them to know they will remain my top priority. Whatever I can do to help, I’m here.”
Previously located on S. Cherry Street, Wilkinson has moved North Florida Abstract and Title to 710 North Jefferson Street, where she hopes the road front location will catch the attention of visitors and citizens of Monticello.
Wilkinson is excited to be a local. Even though she has lived in Monticello since the early 90’s, for 20 years she worked in Tallahassee at a national title insurance company, so most of her time was spent outside of Jefferson County. She is proud to call herself a local now.
Leslie encourages you to contact her at
(850) 997-2670 and visit her website at www.nfaat.com.