Considering the legalization of marijuana

Regarding the legalization of marijuana, the argument against legalizing it has no credibility. I have a law enforcement background, so I may appoint looking at the issue objectively. Legalizing the purchase would have an impact on drug trafficking and the lives that are lost as a result of it being illegal. Legalization would produce a significant number of job opportunities. Also, the government would receive money that could be used toward the national debt, or whatever.
At this time, marijuana costs $100 for a 1/4oz, $250 for an ounce. Legalizing would reduce the cost, preventing crimes some people may commit to pay for their supply.
The prisons are overflowing with young people who were arrested for small amounts of marijuana; essentially ruining their lives. We are at this time releasing dangerous criminals back on the streets due to the overcrowded prisons.
The biggest argument against it is that marijuana is a gateway drug. Well if that’s the case, so is beer. The fact is, there are many emotionally troubled people who seek the means to numb themselves from the insane society we now live in. Whether they smoke marijuana or drink beer, these people would seek stronger drugs to accommodate their emotional issues. We really need to rethink the issue.

Best Regards,
Lawrence Beger

TLDR: Regarding the legalization of marijuana, all roads lead to prosperity. Loss of life, job opportunities, taxes toward national debt, consumer cost, overrun prisons; all of these improve if cannabis is legalized.