Contest for Hands and Hearts For Horses

Hands-Hearts-for-Horses-Logo    Many in the Jefferson County Community know Kathleen Hartsfield and her progress since her accident and traumatic brain injury. She has been participating in equine therapy at an accredited facility for about a year now and is being physically, mentally, and socially helped more than ever imagined.
The Hands and Hearts For Horses facility is in Thomasville, Georgia, and its competing with other like facilities around the country to win a Gypsy Vanner horse. These horses make incredible therapy partners.
By clicking on one of these sites: or or, news and events, you can be a part of Kathleen's effort to win one of these marvelous horses for her facility. Bookmark your preferred site for quick and easy voting.
Many of the horses at Hands and Hearts For Horses are reaching retirement age, so a young horse would be a tremendous help.
Information about Hands and Hearts For Horses and this contest can be found on the voting site by reading the accompanying write-up. Each of the top 20 facilities will win a horse. Vote once every 24-hours through June 15 as often as you possibly can. Make sure when you click the heart to vote that it turns color and the number goes up.
“We know that a small community can win because the facility in Hahira, Georgia won a horse last year,” explains Mary Hartsfield, Kathleen's mother. “Thank you, thank you for any vote that you place. I cannot express strongly enough how this horse will help our facility provide services to those in need.”