County solicits debris removal

Lazaro Aleman
ECB Publishing, Inc.

At the request of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office (JCSO) and its Division of Emergency Management, the Jefferson County Commission recently approved the solicitation of bids for a standby contract on the removal of debris in the aftermath of a disaster.
The 28-page contract – which the board approved on Thursday evening, Oct. 17, and most of which consists of boilerplate language – spells out in details the requirements that contractors must meet to bid on the project, as well as the scope of the required work, performance expectations and the like.
The scope of services specified in the contract include cleanup, demolition and removal, and disposal of debris following a natural or man-made disaster.
The specific work calls for the removal of debris from public or private properties, roadways, waterways and debris management sites, as well as the abatement of any generated hazardous waste and the demolition of hazardous or condemned structures that may pose a threat to the public.
In presenting the proposed contract to the board, County Coordinator Parrish Barwick noted that the action wasn't mandatory, but that it was “highly suggested” by the state.
“It's not mandatory, but it is,” Barwick said, adding that the contract would kick in only in the eventuality of a disaster.
The payment arrangement, he said, would be the same as it was for other FEMA projects.
“We pay upfront and they (FEMA) reimburses us,” Barwick said.