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Joanne Plessinger Hieger, 42, and Shadrick Lavane Norton, 35, both of Monticello, were arrested on Tuesday, June 18 by Jefferson County Sheriff's Office (JCSO) Investigator Burrus on drug and drug paraphernalia charges.
On June 18, at 1:28 p.m., Cpl. Adamczyk and JCSO investigators were dispatched to the scene of a fight.
Jefferson County 911 dispatch informed deputies that an anonymous caller, had relayed that two individuals had been involved in a fight and were currently leaving; the caller also described the vehicle the two subjects were driving.
Cpl. Adamczyk conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle and made contact with the driver, who was identified as Hieger, while Inv. Burrus made contact with the vehicle's passenger, identified as Norton.
While speaking with Hieger, Cpl. Adamczyk noticed that Hieger was displaying physical signs of nervousness, such as rapid breathing and sweaty palms.
Based on her disposition, Cpl. Burrus believed Hieger was attempting to conceal something and asked Hieger to exit the vehicle.
Once she had exited the car, Hieger was asked if she had illegal contraband in her vehicle or on her person.
At that point, Hieger also produced a piece of copper pipe from her back pocket and informed deputies that Norton had cocaine in his pocket.
The make-shift pipe was field tested and yielded a positive result for the presence of cocaine.
While Cpl. Adamczyk spoke with Hieger, Inv. Burrus looked into Hieger's accusations against Norton; while he did not find any cocaine on Norton's person, Inv. Burrus did uncover cocaine in an orange pill bottle that had been stowed under the seat where Norton was sitting.
The cocaine was weighed and amounted to approximately 0.4 grams.
Hieger was arrested on charges of possessing a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia and was also cited for driving while having a driver's license that was expired for over six months.
Norton was placed under arrest for the charges of possession of a controlled substance (cocaine).
Both subjects were transported to the Jefferson County Jail.

Sarah Rohman – June 18
Sarah Patricia Rohman, 54, of Lee, Fla., was arrested on Tuesday, June 18, by JCSO Cpl. Adamczyk on an outstanding Department of Corrections warrant that was issued after Rohman violated the terms of her probation.
According to Rohman's warrant, she had been placed on probation in 2018 after being found guilty for possession of methamphetamines.
The warrant states that Rohman violated the terms of her probation after failing to live without violating any laws when she was found to have a drug or narcotic that was not prescribed to her by a physician in May of 2019.
Rohman further broke the terms of her probation when she used intoxicants to excess.
On May 22, 2019, Judge Caloca-Johnson sealed Rohman's arrest warrant, with the ruling that no bond would be offered for Rohman's release.
On June 18 at 3:57 p.m., Sarah Rohman was arrested by Cpl. Adamczyk and transported to the Jefferson County Jail.

Theron Toole - June 21
Theron Demorrow Toole, 43, was arrested on Friday, June 21 by Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) Trooper Warren for grand theft of a motor vehicle.
According to the report issued by the FHP, Trooper Warren was dispatched to the westbound rest area of I-10 at 9:44 p.m., on June 21, after receiving calls regarding a man in the rest area's parking lot.
The calls advised that the man was asking other rest area patrons for gas money.
Upon arrival, Trooper Warren made contact with the man, who was identified as Toole; the report states that Toole informed Trooper Warren that he had run out of gas and could not contact AAA for assistance.
Trooper Warren assisted Toole in contacting AAA, but while aiding Toole, Trooper Warren also observed that the vehicle which Toole was driving did not have a license plate.
When asked about the missing plate, Toole said that he was getting the car worked on and that the mechanics must have "removed it" at the shop.
After locating the VIN for the car, Trooper Wright ran the numbers through the Tallahassee Regional Communications Center and was advised that the vehicle matching those VIN numbers had been reported as stolen out of Tennessee.
After receiving additional confirmation that Toole's vehicle and the stolen vehicle were, in fact, the same cars, Trooper Warren placed Toole under arrest and read him his Miranda Rights.
Toole agreed to speak with Trooper Warren before claiming that he was driving from Ohio and that he had owned the car for 10 years.
Toole also attempted to provide hospital discharge information to claim that he could not have stolen the vehicle.
Theron Toole was placed under arrest for grand theft of a motor vehicle and transported to the Jefferson County Jail.

Jacqueline Stokley – June 24
Jacqueline C. Stokley, 49, of Monticello, was arrested on Monday, June 24 by JCSO Deputy Krajewski on the charge of grand theft of a motor vehicle.
According to the report provided by the JCSO, a Monticello resident met with Deputy Krajewski to declare that his relative, Stokley, had stolen his Toyota Rav4.
According to the victim, Stokley had been seen driving the Rav4 by another family member, and Stokley did not have permission to be in custody of his vehicle.
The victim informed Deputy Krajewski that Stokley knew where he kept his vehicle's spare key and that she had been able to take it.
Further, the victim attested that when he had tried to confront Stokley about the theft of his vehicle, Stokley had “got in his face” and aggressively confronted him when the victim attempted to retrieve his vehicle.
The victim provided the vehicle's location, and Deputy Krajewski responded to the address that had been provided.
Upon arrival, Deputy Krajewski observed the stolen vehicle sitting on the property of a towing company.
After making contact with the owner of the property and company, Deputy Krajewski was informed that Stokley had called the owner and asked him to assist her in bringing her vehicle to his tow yard.
The owner said he helped Stokley move the car into a parking space on his property.
Later, Deputy Krajewski made contact with the family member who had reported seeing Stokley drive the Rav4.
The family member confirmed the victim's account of Stokley's response to being confronted about stealing the vehicle, and the family member added that he had separated Stokley and the victim during the confrontation.
Afterward, Deputy Krajewski met with Stokley.
Once she had been read her Miranda Warning, Stokley agreed to speak about the confrontation that had taken place between herself and the victim.
According to Stokley, she had confronted the victim after observing him removing items from “her” vehicle.
When Deputy Krajewski attempted to ask for more clarification, Stokley had refused to elaborate.
Stokley did, however, admit to driving the vehicle within the last couple of days without the permission of the vehicle's owner.
Jacqueline Stokley was arrested on the charge of one count of grand theft – motor vehicle and booked into the Jefferson County Jail.

Jamorris Mosley – June 25
Jamorris Lee Mosley, 21, of Tallahassee, was arrested on Tuesday, June 25 by JCSO Deputy Carey on an arrest warrant that had been issued after Mosley violated the terms of his court-ordered probation.
According to Mosley's warrant, Jamorris Mosley had been sentenced to probation in 2017 after committing the offense of grand theft (over $300 but less than $5,000) and unlawful possession of a firearm at school.
In July of 2018, Mosley was reported to have broken the terms of his probation by failing to report to his court-issued probation officer, as required.
Mosley's warrant was sealed by Judge Caloca-Johnson in December of 2018.
The warrant for his arrest stated that Mosley would not be offered a bond.
Jamorris Mosley was arrested on June 25 at 2:51 p.m. and booked into the Jefferson County Jail.

David Fallon – June 27
David James Fallon, 36, of Monticello, was arrested on Thursday, June 27 by Jefferson County Sheriff's Office Corporal Adamczyk on an outstanding Department of Corrections warrant for battery on a correctional officer.
According to Fallon's arrest warrant, in February of 2018, Fallon committed the criminal offense of battery on a correctional officer when he escaped from handcuffs and fighting with a Jefferson Correctional Institution (JCI) officer.
During this fight, Fallon intentionally kicked the officer, causing him to fall and strike his knee on the asphalt.
The probable cause affidavit attached with Fallon's warrant states that the JCI officer was escorting Fallon to the medical building for a pre-confinement physical related to the alleged battery of a food service employee.
A sworn statement from a JCI sergeant and witness confirmed Fallon's attack on his escorting officer.
Fallon was arrested on his warrant on June 27 at 3:18 p.m. and booked into the Jefferson County Jail at 4:11 p.m.

Sebring Vonnerie Cooper, 32, of Tamarac, Fla., was arrested on Thursday, June 27 by JCSO Cpl. Adamczyk for murder and battery charges.
According to the report provided by the JCSO, Cooper was incarcerated at the Jefferson Correctional Institution when he attempted to kill another inmate by stabbing him with a homemade knife.
The report cites that video footage was recorded from May of 2018, in which Cooper waited (“ambush style”) for the other inmate to enter a day room area before rushing the other inmate from behind and stabbing him in the neck and back 15 times.
In a sworn interview with the subject, Sebring Cooper confessed to stabbing the inmate with the intent to kill the other man.
Further, Cooper claimed that his motivation for murder came after the other inmate had acted in a way that led Cooper to believe he was attempting to advance on or flirt with him.
Cooper, who the report states is a “documented gang member,” had relayed information of the potential advancements to members of his gang, who told Cooper that the situation had to be “dealt with.”
In the sworn statement, Cooper said that fellow gang members told him that if he did not kill the other inmate, the gang would kill Cooper instead.
While the other inmate signed an Affidavit for Non-Persecution against Cooper, the office of the Assistant State Attorney decided to proceed with a prosecution against Cooper despite the victimized inmate's willingness to drop charges.
On June 27, at 3:12 p.m., Sebring Cooper was placed under arrest by Cpl. Adamczyk for attempted first-degree murder and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.