Crime Beat: felony arrests

Ashley Hunter
ECB Publishing, Inc.

Katherine McKown – June 7
Katherine Renee McKown, 36, of Monticello, was arrested on Friday, June 7 on half of an outstanding Jefferson County warrant.
According to McKown's arrest report, McKown's warrant had been issued for two counts of forge/counterfeit bank bills/ promissory notes.
An arrest report, issued by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office (JSCO), states that in April of 2019, JCSO Cpl. Kalinowski responded to the sheriff's office about an altered check.
The complainants had gone to the JCSO as one of them written checks to Katherine McKown for $50 and $40 but in bank statements provided to Cpl. Kalinowski, the checks had been cashed for $150 and $140.
The complainants also provided a balance book, where they had written that the checks had been given for $50 and $40.
In the bank statement with the images of the cashed checks, it appeared that a number "1" had been squeezed in front of the money amounts to alter how much was written.
In late May, JCSO's Cpl. Boland was able to interview McKown about the statement provided by the two complainants.
During a post-Miranda interview, McKown stated that one of the complainants had known and approved of the money amount change.
McKown said that she had been told to write herself a check and that one of the complainants would sign it.
When asked why the number "1" appeared to be squeezed in, if McKown had written the full amounts on the checks herself, McKown said that she didn't know.
The copies of the balance book further verified that the complainant had not intended to give McKown $150 and $140.
Due to the evidence that suggested that McKown had altered both checks by adding a "1" before the written amounts, a warrant was issued for her arrest, leading to her June 7 arrest.
McKown's arrest report stated that she would be allowed a $3,000 bond.

Michael Weaver – June 9
Michael Shawn Weaver, 30, of Jacksonville, Fla., was arrested on Sunday, June 9 by JCSO Cpl. Adamczyk.
On the above date, around 4:46 a.m., Cpl. Adamczyk was dispatched to Taylor Road after dispatch informed law enforcement that a complainant had called and stated that Weaver was at the residence where the complainant was located.
According to the complainant, Weaver had driven up in a 1989 GMC truck and had begun yelling for the complainant and a witness to leave the residence.
When the two did not comply with Weaver's demands, Weaver broke a window on the front of the residence to force them to exit.
When neither individuals went outside, Weaver had returned to his truck and drove away.
Upon arriving at the intersection of Old Lloyd Road and Taylor Road, Cpl. Adamczyk observed a truck matching Weaver's vehicle description also approaching the same intersection.
Following the truck, Cpl. Adamczyk observed the vehicle nearly hit multiple mailboxes before he activated his patrol vehicle’s emergency lights and conducted a traffic stop.
The truck came to a complete stop in the middle of the roadway.
Upon approaching the driver side window, Cpl. Adamczyk observed the driver, later identified as Weaver, attempting to operate a cell phone with great difficulty, due to his unsteady hands.
Cpl. Adamczyk had to introduce himself and state the reason for the traffic stop multiple times, as Weaver seemed unable to concentrate on what was said.
When Cpl. Adamczyk mentioned the call placed by the complainant, Weaver admitted that he was trying to talk to them and get them to come outside, but that they wouldn't.
During his statements to Cpl. Adamczyk, Weaver's speech was slurred, stuttered and erratic.
Weaver had to repeat several fragments of his sentences, as Cpl. Adamczyk was unable to understand him.
During Weaver's conversation, Cpl. Adamczyk also observed that Weaver's eyes were bloodshot with dilated pupils.
Weaver was asked to exit the vehicle, which he did while using the truck door for support.
Cpl. Adamczyk asked Weaver to walk to the end of the truck so he could conduct a pat-down, and while Weaver moved to the rear of the vehicle, his gait was staggered, tense and erratic, and he seemed to have trouble standing still.
During the pat-down, Cpl. Adamczyk discovered a meth pipe, and Weaver admitted that he'd consumed meth a couple of hours before the traffic stop.
Weaver agreed to take part in a roadside sobriety test, but due to the inclement weather that was approaching the scene, Weaver agreed to move the sobriety test to the Jefferson County Jail's booking area.
At the jail, Weaver either could not complete or had difficulty completing five different sobriety exercises.
Based on Cpl. Adamczyk's observations of Weaver's driving and sobriety tests, it was decided that Weaver could not operate a motor vehicle.
Michael Weaver was placed under arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, felony driving with license suspended – with knowledge and possession of drug paraphernalia or equipment.

Roy Branch – June 12
Roy Cassidy Branch, 37, of Monticello, was arrested on Wednesday, June 12 by JCSO Cpl. Adamczyk.
On the above date, around 6:06 a.m., JCSO Deputy McCoy and Cpl. Adamczyk were dispatched after a complainant had stated that a physical dispute with Roy Branch had occurred, with Branch leaving the scene in a blue Ford Ranger pickup truck.
While the law enforcement officers were collecting a written statement from the complainant, Branch returned to the scene and was identified by the complainant.
Branch was slowly driving towards the officers and complainant's location, but when officers attempted to wave Branch down and signal him to stop, Branch continued to drive past.
The report issued by the JCSO states that Branch appeared to be confused as he continued to drive past and after driving for a few seconds longer, Branch's vehicle eventually came to a stop.
Cpl. Adamczyk positioned his patrol unit behind the Ford truck and made contact with Branch, who – upon exiting the vehicle – smelled of alcohol.
Branch was asked to exit the vehicle to participate in standard field sobriety tests.
To determine his impairment, Branch took part in five different sobriety tests, several of which Branch either failed to complete or had difficulty completing.
While Cpl. Adamczyk conducted Branch's sobriety test, Deputy McCoy took sworn statements from responding paramedics who had been attending the scene due to the physical dispute that had taken place earlier.
Both paramedics provided sworn statements that they had seen Branch, while driving, fail to stop at a stop sign at the Lonnie Road and East Washington Highway intersection. As he had failed to stop, Branch had pulled out in front of their responding ambulance.
Further, they'd observed Branch nearly hit a roadside guard rail.
Based on the strong odor of alcohol, several sworn statements, the results of the sobriety tests, Cpl. Adamczyk determined that Branch was incapable of safely operating a motor vehicle.
Roy Branch was placed under arrest for a felony DUI, as well as driving with his license suspended or revoked – knowingly and for refusal to submit to lawful blood, breath or urine tests.
After placing Branch in handcuffs, Cpl. Adamczyk also discovered four blue pill tablets in Branch's pockets, which were later identified as Clonazepam, which is a controlled substance.
The charge of possession of certain drugs without a prescription was added to Branch's roster of charges.
Roy Branch was transported to the Jefferson County Jail and booked at 8:10 a.m.

Telvin Norton – June 14
Telvin S. Norton, 28, of Monticello, was arrested on Friday, June 14 by JCSO Deputy Godwin on behalf of an outstanding Department of Corrections warrant.
According to arrest documents, Norton's warrant was issued due to a violation of probation.
In 2010, Norton was sentenced to probation after committing the offense of a felony armed burglary with an explosive or weapon.
However, in May of 2019, the warrant states that Norton violated the terms of his probation by failing to live without breaking the law, as he had been caught driving with a suspended or restricted driver's license.
The warrant calling for Norton's arrest was sealed on June 4, 2019, by Judge Caloca-Johnson and stated that no bond should be held.
Telvin Norton was arrested at 10:54 a.m. on June 14 and booked into the Jefferson County Jail at 11:39 a.m.

Christopher Starkes and Katrina Ramos – June 14
Christopher Bernard Starkes, 33, and Katrina Shonte Ramos, 40, both of Jacksonville, Fla., were arrested on Friday, June 14 by Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) Trooper White.
On June 14 at approximately 10:28 p.m., Trooper White observed a vehicle traveling west at a speed of 102-mph in a 70-mph zone on I-10.
After conducting a traffic stop on the vehicle, Trooper White made contact with the driver, who was identified as Starkes. He apologized for speeding, stating that he was trying to make it into Tallahassee.
While Starkes was speaking, Trooper White observed that he was having difficulty with his motor functions.
Accompanying Starke was Ramos, as well as an unnamed passenger in the backseat.
While speaking with Starke, Trooper White was able to detect the odor of alcohol coming from Starke's breath, and when asked if he'd consumed any alcoholic beverages lately, Starke admitted that he had.
Starke agreed to participate in field sobriety exercises.
After failing multiple sobriety tests, Starke was placed under arrest for driving under the influence.
Returning to the vehicle, Trooper White informed Ramos that Starke was being placed under arrest and asked for her identification.
Due to not having an ID on her person, Ramos stated that her name was “Bailey” and provided Trooper White with a social security number.
However, after running the provided information through the Florida Crime Information Center (FCIC), Trooper White found that the info Ramos provided did not match her physical identity.
When Trooper White showed Ramos the info provided by FCIC and informed her that she had provided inaccurate information, Ramos continued to claim the false identification.
The information from the Driver And Vehicle Information Database (DAVID) disproved Ramos' statements, and eventually, Ramos admitted that “Bailey” was her sister.
After providing her real information, it was revealed that Ramos had an outstanding warrant for her arrest.
Ramos's warrant was concerning an aggravated assault/aggravated battery with a deadly weapon charge, as well as a child abuse charge, both originating in Jacksonville.
Ramos stated that she had been on the run since December of 2018.
Trooper White placed Ramos under arrest.
After being transported to the Jefferson County Jail, Starkes took part in two breath samples, having a first sample of 0.017 and a second of 0.018.
After Starke and Ramos had been turned over to booking staff at the jail, Trooper White reviewed his in-car video, which revealed that after being placed in the back of patrol car, the two discussed where Ramos had concealed drug contraband within the vehicle.
According to the report, Starkes asked Ramos where she had placed the contraband while they were being pulled over.
Ramos had audibly provided a location and claimed that she would take all additional charges on the contraband, should it be discovered.
Trooper White conducted a second search of the vehicle and located multiple baggies with pills in the area where Ramos had concealed them.
In addition to her warrant, Katrina Ramos was charged with giving a false ID to a law enforcement officer, tampering with or fabricating evidence and possession of a controlled substance without a prescription.
Christopher Starkes was charged with possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, displaying fictitious identification card and tampering with or fabricating evidence.