Crime Beat: Recent felony arrests

Ashley Hunter
ECB Publishing, Inc.

Matthew Sullivan – September 17
Matthew Sullivan, 31, of Tallahassee, was arrested on Tuesday, Sept. 17, by Jefferson County Sheriff's Deputy Godwin on the authority of a warrant that had been issued for Sullivan's arrest. The warrant had resulted after Sullivan violated the terms of his probation.
According to the warrant, Sullivan had been previously charged, in April of 2019, for the charges of grand theft of a motor vehicle, possession of a controlled substance and grand theft of $300-$5,000. Part of Sullivan's sentencing required him to be placed under three years of supervision by a probation officer. However, scarcely a month later, on Friday, May 17, Sullivan violated the terms of his probation by failing to complete or remain in a drug/alcohol treatment program that he had been required to attend.
Due to Sullivan's violation of probation, a warrant was issued for his arrest and sealed by Circuit Judge Caloca-Johnson on Tuesday, June 4.
On Tuesday, Sept. 17, Sullivan was taken into custody by Deputy Godwin at 5:35 p.m. and then transported to the Jefferson County Jail, where no bond would be offered for his release.

Destiny Lagreco – September 18
Destiny Lagreco, 18, of Tallahassee, was arrested by Jefferson County Sheriff's Deputy Carey on Wednesday, Sept. 18, on behalf of a warrant that had been issued by the Monticello Police Department (MPD).
In a report filed by the MPD, Cpl. Williams was dispatched to a physical disturbance that included a knife, on Wednesday, May 15.
When arriving on the scene. Cpl. Williams made contact with a victim who, the report states, was "highly emotional" and had blood dripping from her hand. Jefferson County EMS were called to the scene, and while awaiting paramedics, the victim alleged that she had "been bit" by Lagreco.
The victim was allowed to calm down before giving her statement, in which she claimed that Lagreco had arrived at the victim's home and asked for water. As the victim understood Lagreco to be homeless, the victim had a history of allowing Lagreco into her house and giving her food.
However, this time, Lagreco was accompanied by a male friend, and once in the home, the two began to argue over drugs. The argument turned physical when Lagreco hit her friend and pulled out some of his hair. The statement was verified when officers found strands of the man's hair in the victim's kitchen.
The victim further stated that Lagreco retrieved a butcher's knife and swore to kill her friend, at which point the victim ordered Lagreco to put the knife down and leave the residence.
Lagreco, however, refused to acknowledge the victim's request and tried to attack her friend with the knife. In an attempt to get Lagreco to stop, the victim grabbed Lagreco's shirt and tried to take the knife from her.
Lagreco turned and bit the victim's finger until the victim begged Lagreco to stop – the victim claimed that Lagreco was attempting to "bite the finger off completely."
The victim's daughter was instructed to call the police, at which point Lagreco then ran out the door and into the woods. An interview with the victim's daughter confirmed all these statements.
EMS arrived on scene and tended to the victim's injury, and officers searched the kitchen, finding the referenced butcher knife and a bag of synthetic cannabis that Lagreco had dropped during her fight.
While Cpl. Williams was still with the victim, Lagreco and her friend were spotted at another address, where they were again causing a disturbance.
Cpl. Williams traveled to the second location, where she met with MPD's Chief Mosley, who currently had Lagreco handcuffed and detained in the back of his patrol car.
When Lagreco was transferred to Cpl. Williams' patrol car, she began to shout and demand to know why she was in handcuffs when she was "only trying to defend herself" against the victim.
Lagreco was detained in the patrol car while Cpl. Williams and Chief Mosley spoke with the male friend who had accompanied Lagreco. The friend stated that Lagreco had tried to cut him and had pulled his hair out, but he did not want to press charges against her – he just wanted her to get away from him.
The homeowner of the residence where Lagreco had been found was contacted and informed Cpl. Williams that she did not want Lagreco to return to her property, as Lagreco was "trouble."
While speaking with the homeowner, Cpl. Williams glanced over at her patrol car and witnessed Lagreco repeatedly bashing her head against the back seat's window. When Cpl. Williams went over and instructed Lagreco to stop, Lagreco began to threaten to kill herself. She also stated that the handcuffs were hurting her and agitating an old injury. Chief Mosley had the handcuffs removed from Lagreco, in order to relieve her pain, and called Jefferson County EMS to check her for injuries; paramedics were unable to care for Lagreco, however, as she remained volatile and agitated.
Lagreco also returned to threatening to kill herself and wrapped a seatbelt around her neck to choke herself.
When Cpl. Williams and Chief Mosley attempted to re-handcuff Lagreco, she began to resist and declared that they were going to have to use their weapons on her.
After continuing to fight against law enforcement, Lagreco was finally secured in handcuffs again.
Following this occurrence, a warrant for Lagreco's arrest was issued, and on Wednesday, Sept. 18, Lagreco was taken in custody by Deputy Carey on the charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, resisting an officer with violence and battery on a firefighter or EMT.