Crime Beat: Recent felony arrests

Compiled By Ashley Hunter
ECB Publishing, Inc.

Doney Dustin – April 1
Doney Michael Dustin, 25, of Summerfield, FL, was arrested on charges of violation of probation – possession of paraphernalia by Monticello Police Department's (MPD) Officer Smith on Monday, April 1.
According to the warrant that was issued for Dustin's arrest, he had violated the terms of his probation after being unable to live without violating any federal, state or local criminal law or ordinance after Dustin was arrested in Marion County in March of 2019 for a driving under the influence offense.
The warrant for Dustin's arrest was signed by his probation officer as well as Jefferson County’s Judge Plaines.
Dustin was arrested by MPD's Officer Smith at 1:44 p.m., then transferred into the care of Jefferson County Sheriff's Deputy Kalinowski at 2:07 p.m., before Dustin was booked into the Jefferson County Jail at 2:26 p.m. on April 1.

Calvin Scott – April 1
Calvin Dennis Scott, 35, of Tallahassee, was arrested by Jefferson County Sheriff's Deputy Carey on Monday, April 1 on charges of aggravated battery to a pregnant person.
On the above date, at around 7 p.m., Deputy Carey was dispatched to a residence off of Waukeenah Highway in reference to a physical dispute.
Upon arrival, Deputy Carey was advised by multiple witnesses at the scene that a male suspect had attacked a young woman. The witnesses further pointed out the man, who was sitting nearby in a vehicle.
Deputy Carey immediately detained the subject and advised him of his rights.
The subject, who was identified as Calvin Scott, invoked his fifth amendment right and refused to speak.
With Scott detained, Deputy Carey made contact with the victim, who advised that she was pregnant.
According to the victim, she had been on her way to pick up her daughter when Scott noticed a phone call on the victim's cell phone. Scott began to yell at the victim and demand that she answer the phone; the victim also expressed that Scott had believed her to be cheating on him.
In an attempt to get away from Scott, the victim had left the vehicle that they had been sitting in, but Scott also left the vehicle and began to pursue her on foot.
The victim informed Deputy Carey that Scott had ran across the street and began to strike her, shouting “What's wrong with you?” before throwing her to the ground and stomping on her.
After the victim had finished providing her statement, Deputy Carey gathered more statements from witnesses and then placed Calvin Scott under arrest for aggravated battery on a pregnant woman.
While Scott was being transported to the Jefferson County Jail, the report issued by the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office states that he made multiple spontaneous comments, such as declaring that when he got out of jail he would cause physical harm to the victim.
No bond information was provided in Scott's arrest report.

William Lewis – April 3
William Justin Lewis, 31, of Tallahassee, was arrested by Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) Trooper Swindle on Wednesday, April 3 on charges of driving under the influence (DUI) – alcohol or drugs and two drug-related charges.
On the above date, Trooper Swindle was maintaining a patrol of Jefferson County and observed a 2006 blue Honda four door car traveling west on US Highway 27 (State Road 20), east of Capps.
Trooper Swindle observed the vehicle at around 9 p.m., but the vehicle was traveling without tail lights.
Florida Statute 316.234 (pertaining to signal lamps and signal devices), requires any vehicle that is being operated by a driver to be equipped with rear stop lights.
As the vehicle was currently violating Florida law, Trooper Swindle conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle.
The driver was identified as William Lewis.
According to the report issued by the FHP, Trooper Swindle noticed that Lewis' eyes were watery and bloodshot with droopy eyelids. In addition, Lewis had a flushed face, was talkative and Trooper Swindle could detect the odor of alcohol from inside the vehicle.
When questioned, Lewis admitted that he had been drinking.
Trooper Swindle asked Lewis to exit the vehicle in order for a field sobriety test to be conducted; immediately after exiting the vehicle, Lewis began to sway in a circular manner while standing.
After Lewis exited the vehicle, Trooper Swindle was able to smell alcohol and marijuana on his person.
Trooper Swindle had Lewis perform multiple walking, standing, vision and motor function exercises as part of the field sobriety test.
Due to Lewis either failing or having difficulty completing several of the tests, the FHP report states that Trooper Swindle felt as though Lewis was impaired.
At 9:17 p.m., William Lewis was placed under arrest for driving under the influence.
After being read his Miranda Warning, Lewis expressed a wish to remain silent, however at 9:19 p.m., he made a “spontaneous utterance” that he had a pen with THC oil in the vehicle.
During an inventory of the vehicle, Trooper Swindle discovered a black and white vape pen; the pen’s contents were later tested and identified as positive for marijuana.
Without further indictment, Lewis was transported to the Jefferson County Jail.
Earlier, Lewis had agreed to a breathalyzer test, but once at the jail, he declined the test.
Lewis was turned over to the jail staff for booking, where he was charged with possession of a controlled substance (liquid THC), possession of drug paraphernalia and driving under the influence.

Shadrick Norton – April 7
Shadrick Lavane Norton, 35, of Tallahassee, was arrested on Sunday, April 7 by FHP Trooper White after it was discovered that Norton was driving with a suspended license.
At 1:53 p.m., on the above date, Trooper White observed a white GMC Envoy traveling on State Road 59, south of the interstate.
The vehicle bore two different validation stickers on the license plate, and Trooper White recognized the driver as Shadrick Norton, who Trooper White had previously interacted with.
Due to that prior contact, Trooper White knew that Norton's driver's license was suspended.
Trooper White performed a Florida Crime Information Center (FCIC) query on Norton, which confirmed that Norton's license was still suspended.
Trooper White conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle at the intersection of Gamble Road and East Notre Dame Street.
Upon making contact with the Norton (the driver) and informing Norton as to the reason for the stop, Trooper White was advised that the registered owner of the vehicle had been hospitalized and Norton was on his way to park the vehicle.
However, according to the report issued by the FHP, it was documented that Norton had been first observed leaving the liquor store located in a nearby Shell Station.
Norton provided his driver's license and Trooper White requested that the Tallahassee Regional Communications Center conduct a driver's license query on Norton's license in order to confirm the information that Trooper White had received from the FCIC query.
The information was confirmed and at 1:56 p.m., Trooper White placed Norton under arrest for driving with license suspended – third offense.
Norton was transported to the Jefferson County Jail without further incident.

Ronald Blue – April 7
Ronald E. Blue, 66, of Monticello, was arrested on Sunday, April 7 by Jefferson County Sheriff's Deputy Godwin after Blue violated the terms of his probation.
According to the warrant that was issued for his arrest and signed by Judge Caloca-Johnson on March 29, Blue was placed under probation in April of 2018 after being charged with aggravated assault – intent to commit felony.
In August of 2018, Blue violated the terms of his probation after failing a urine test analysis, which confirmed that Blue had used cocaine. Further, Blue continued to violate his probation by answering untruthfully when questioned by his probation officer about whether he had used cocaine.
Then, in March of 2019, Blue again violated the terms of his probation by failing a second urine sample analysis that again confirmed Blue's cocaine usage. On March 15, 2019, Blue was questioned by his probation officer and the warrant states that Blue answered untruthfully to the probation officer's inquiries.
Deputy Godwin arrested Blue on the violation of probation warrant, which was issued by the Department of Corrections.
The warrant states that Blue was to be held without bond.