Customizing your gun is Robinson Gunworks’ stock in trade

Lynette Norris
ECB Publishing, Inc.

At Robinson Gunworks, you can make your gun your own. Really your own. With a customized stock or paint job, your firearm can be as uniquely yours as a custom-painted or custom-built car, truck or ATV.
Mike Robinson, who has a long-held general fascination with firearms and a talent for refinishing, moved to Jefferson from Melbourne on the Space Coast area of Florida, where he sold a similar business in order to move to a small town like the one where he grew up in South Carolina. He has now been here about a year and a half with his family, which includes his 22-month-old son, Knox, the reason for moving here. He wanted his son to grow up in a small town environment just as he did.
“Somehow, I found Monticello on a map,” he said, adding that he loves it here and it's a great place for a boy to grow up, in addition to having 40 acres where he can practice shooting.
He has been in the business for about ten years, and has several other businesses as well, including a website,, where members can buy parts and accessories at dealer cost to build their own custom AR-15s; also has a page on Facebook.
In one of the display cases are several bolt-action guns mounted on Boyd wood stocks created from different colored layers of laminate wood. The result is a beautiful rainbow effect that looks as if it were carved from rare and exotic wood.
“You can bring a standard rifle mounted in plastic and we can remount it on wood,” said Robinson. “It looks great, and it improves accuracy.”
When it comes to refinishing, “We are factory-trained and certified in Cerakote and water transfer paint jobs,” he said. He even custom mixed a blue color from existing Cerakote colors, trying to match a particular shade; the result is now known as Robin's Egg Blue. He originally wanted to call it Tiffany Blue, and even shared a photo online of the blue painted gun sitting next to a Tiffany box, with the caption, “Not every woman wants jewelry for Christmas.” The photo went viral, shared over 3 million times, but the name “Tiffany Blue” turned out to be already trademarked – hence, the name Robin's Egg Blue.
Water transfer paint jobs come in thousands of patterns and colors, so there is virtually no limit to the look he can create for your firearm, and the process isn't limited to guns; cars, car parts, anything that can get wet can be customized with water transfer painting.
“We do bluing, Parkerizing, custom builds and gun-smithing,” said Robinson.
Robinson Gunworks also sells its own line of coffee blends, each with its own tongue-in-cheek gun-related name: “Double Tap,” “Multi Caliber,” their strongest blend known as “Spray and Pray,” “Recoil,” a decaffeinated blend known as “Failure to Feed,” and a special blend in a blue foil package for police officers - “Carry On.”
Robinson Gunworks is located at 230 N. Jefferson Street in Monticello - ph. (850) 556-9698.