Dr. Barbara Thomas-Reddick

Debbie Snapp
ECB Publishing, Inc.

Dr. Barbara Thomas-Reddick is the Sexual Violence Advocate for Jefferson and Madison Counties. She helps to counsel and relocate victims of abuse.
Other duties required by her position include educational presentations in jails and around the community. She counsels on alcohol and drug abuse issues also.
She hosts the Day of Dialogue every year, which is grant paid and sponsored by Refuge House and recently held at the R.J. Bailar Public Library. This year’s event was well-attended by the public, with a panel of guests invited to share a little bit about their responsibilities to the community.
Invited guests included Margaret Franklin, Franklin Academy; Marie Rigdon, Victim’s Advocate for the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office; Crystal Gramling, Clerk of Court Injunctions; Chief Fred Mosley, Monticello Police Department; Attorney Hope Demps, FCADV; and Rev. John Hicks, First United Methodist Church pastor.
Dr. Reddick knew that she wanted to work in this field at about the age of 30; it was where she felt needed and where she knew she could be of help. She says that she could just look at people and know their spiritual and physical needs. She has the art of listening too, and that skill helps her in her position.
Dr. Thomas-Reddick adds that she has been through so much indifference in her life, and she wants to help her clients turn their bad situation into a good situation by working together on their goals.
For more information, contact Dr. Barbara Thomas-Reddick at (850) 363-0706.
Dr. Thomas-Reddick gives special thanks to Carrie Ann & Co and to Piggly Wiggly for their generous donations, and to the Jefferson Somerset students who helped sign in participants. They are: Tamirical Crumity, Alexis Hawkins and Nichole Reddick.