Introducing new medicines vs dialysis

Debbie Snapp
ECB Publishing, Inc.

Dr. Emmanuel Patrick Inwang came to Monticello to partner his expertise with Dr. Barbara Thomas Reddick, CEO/Director of The Holistic Plan of Care, Inc.; a 501c3 organization serving those in the community who are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, anger management, parenting and education.
Dr. Inwang brings with him to Monticello his extensive pharmaceutical experience in the treatment and care of patients with metabolic disorders, chronic diseases and mental illness. Dr. Inwang has been instrumental in introducing a new medication that will reverse the need for dialysis.
He holds his Doctorate in Pharmacy from Florida A&M University and is the director of WCRx Pharmacy, where he continues as an Ambulatory Care Pharmacist.
Dr. Inwang has been a preceptor for the FAMU College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Services and as a licensed Pharmacy Consultant, he is often sought after for his expertise in drug delivery systems, lending his talents to a number of certificate training programs and chronic case management services.
Dr. Inwang lives by the motto, "Prevention is the secret to wellness" and this is evident in the care and attention to detail that he provides to his patients.
He considers himself a "clinical activist" and has completed an Ambulatory Care Residency, with an emphasis on HIV/AIDS therapy.
He takes pride in serving the elderly, children and the under-served populations; and is excited to be involved in better health outcomes for Jefferson County and Monticello.
Dr. Inwang is a Miami native and after graduation from FAMU, he chose to make his home in Tallahassee, where he has been providing and continuing his community advocacy and services to those who need it most.
He comes from a family with a long history in the medical field and stays active in the medical community throughout the State of Florida.
Dr. Inwang shares that currently, metabolic disorders, such as chronic kidney disease, coupled with or without diabetes, impacts millions of people nationwide.
Dr. Inwang is affiliated with statewide and nationwide colleges and private researchers. In addition, he has direct contact with OPKO Renal pharmaceutical departments, Nephrologist scientists and affiliates.
In order to help solve the chronic kidney disease crisis, Dr. Inwang has been instrumental in introducing a new pharmaceutical drug that is called Rayaldee. The FDA has approved the drug to assist adults who are suffering from stage 3 or 4 chronic kidney disease (CKD) and low vitamin D levels.
Dr. Emmanuel Inwang has made it his evangelical mission to promote this newly approved medication. Soon it will be the standard of care prior to a patient going on dialysis.
This medication will help to assist in kidney failure and even reversal to eradicate this major pandemic in the rural and major cities.
Elderly patients and patients with diabetes, congestive heart failure, hypertension and many other metabolic issues can benefit from this new drug.
For more information about Dr. Inwang’s work, email einwang@wcrxpharmacy.com or visit wcrxhealth.com. Visit rayaldee.com for more information about the medication.
Dr. Reddick has several quality events planned for The Holistic Plan of Care for the new year. She shares that the purpose of this health ministry is to promote good health and to enhance the quality of life for her clients.