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Why is no one holding Joe Biden accountable?

All we hear in the news, every day, is reports about the impeachment and how corrupt President Trump is. However, why does it seem that many on the “hill” only care about Trump or Republicans being held to high standards but not Democrats? Are those politicians so corrupt themselves that they only care about truth and transparency if it is being applied to someone in a different political party than themselves?
Last month, Joe Biden was asked if he should have told his son, Hunter Biden, not to take the seat on the board of the Ukrainian oil company. He said, “He was already on the board and he’s a grown man; and it turned out he did not do a single thing wrong.”
But actually, that is not true. Hunter Biden was not already on the board. In early 2014, Vice-President Joe Biden was put in charge of the Ukraine policy. On April 16, he met with a Burisma board member at the White House. Two days later, Hunter Biden joined the company. Three days after that Joe Biden went to Ukraine and pushed for more gas production. Over the next two years, while Hunter was on Burisma’s board, his father, Joe Biden, oversaw billions of dollars that went to Ukraine, including Ukraine’s gas industry.
So now let’s ask ourselves, “How much U.S. taxpayer aid went to a Ukrainian company that was paying Joe Biden’s son, while Joe Biden was in charge of the aid?”
And…Let’s also remember that then Vice-President Joe Biden boasted on national television that he told the Ukrainian officials that they would not get over a billion dollars in American aid unless they fired a prosecutor, who happened to be investigating the gas firm his son was on the board of. Biden had told the Ukrainians they had six hours to make their decision.
This direct link is very troubling. Not only is the media not pressing for answers on this, but neither are the other Democratic candidates. No other candidate is calling Joe Biden out on this. It is as if they are all too scared to start a probe or either they are trying to protect him and not make him look bad.
Even Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, who both say they want to stop corruption, do not seem to care about the possible shady corruption going on with one of their Democrat opponents.
When Joe Biden conducted his very first presidential candidate interview, on Good Morning America, he was asked, “What is your campaign slogan going to be?” He answered with, “I’m going to make America moral again.” So, here he is setting himself up as someone who is pristine and spotless while portraying President Trump as some horrible corrupt businessman that has no place in being our President. However, he is doing the exact same thing he is accusing Trump of doing.
Then, to make things worse, back in September Joe Biden’s campaign sent a letter to all big television networks to “demand” that they no longer book Rudy Giulliani on their stations. They also sent letters to Google, Facebook and Twitter demanding they take down advertisements about Hunter Biden. Was Biden running in panic mode or was he just trying to control the media? And someone trying to control the media is a very scary thing!!!
No matter what facts are being made public about Biden and his shady dealings, no one on the Hill is following up and asking for answers. The fact is…no one cares. They only care about President Trump and impeaching him or trying to get him out of office.
Ya’ll better put your boots on…it’s getting deep around here!