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To build or not to build (the wall)

A lot of people want a wall built on the U.S. /Mexican border. A lot of people seemingly don’t want to build a wall. I have to ask the question…do the second group of people not want a wall or do they just want to vote against anything that President Trump wants?
The government has now been in a partial shutdown for almost three weeks. It is sad for the employees that are not receiving a paycheck and it is upsetting for the tourists that are not being able to view and visit certain national parks during this time.
But is this President Trump’s fault as so many “Trump-haters” are yelling? I don’t think so.
This isn’t the first government shut-down in history! However, a lot of “Trump-haters” are too young to even remember the ones from the past and many others (that are old enough to remember) just don’t seem to care. So, I did some research … prior to 1990, funding gaps did not always lead to government shutdowns, but since 1990 the practice has been to shut down the government for all funding gaps. During Jimmy Carter’s administration there were five government shutdowns, the longest lasting 18 days. During Ronald Reagan’s administration there were a total of eight shutdowns. During the George H.W. Bush administration there were two full government shutdowns (one lasting 21 days). During the Bill Clinton administration there were two shutdowns (one lasting 21 days) and during the Barack Obama administration a 16-day government shutdown occurred.
Government shutdowns occur because the two sides of government (usually the republicans and the democrats) don’t want the same thing and a compromise needs to be made. It is a time of negotiations.
I am glad (once again) that Donald Trump is not a career politician. He is in fact a career businessman. He made his millions/billions in business; not in politics. Negotiations is one of his strongest fortes. Will this government shutdown last longer than most of the ones in our country’s history? Probably so! But, will the outcome be worth it? I believe so!
Is President Donald Trump perfect? Absolutely not! (None of us are). Does he say rude and crude things from time to time? Absolutely so! (So do most of us, from time to time). But, does he have the love of his country and the best interest of his country in the forefront of his mind? I believe absolutely so! That is what sets him apart than all other politicians, in my mind. I believe a lot of our politicians are only in the “game” to make a name for themselves, for the power trip, and to make a lot of money. President Trump donates EVERY DOLLAR of his presidential paycheck back to different federal agencies (the National Park Service, the Department of Education, the Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Transportation and the Department of Veterans Affairs.) He is not in this job for the money! He wanted this job to truly try to make “America Great Again.”
During Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, he stressed one of his major goals was to build a wall in order to keep illegal immigrants out; and that is what he is trying to do. Although the majority of Americans would like to have this wall, he is being met with such controversy from key members of the democratic party. But again, I ask, “Do they not want the wall or do they just hate President Trump that much?” “Do they not want the wall or do they want President Trump to fail; regardless of what is better for America as a whole?”
Since President Trump took office, he has focused his attention on:
1) The Wall
2) The Economy
3) Healthcare and
4) Foreign Country Affairs and Economic Impact; just to name a few.
It seems the democrats in Washington are focused on:
1) Impeaching Trump
2) Changing Electoral Votes
3) Making a law to make each presidential candidate release tax statements and
4) Not building a wall
Where does America fit into these agendas? “Do they want to make/keep America great or do they just want to make President Trump fail?”
Nancy Pelosi, back in December, promised that the “immoral, ineffective and expensive” border wall would not be funded. Yet, Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, and then-Sen. Obama voted for a border “fence” back in 2006. They liked the idea of a border fence back then; but somehow now find it “immoral” because President Trump wants it.
How will the wall benefit America? I believe by making it harder for illegal immigrants to come into our country. I am not against anyone coming here to make a better life! But do it legally, like so many have done in the past. Our own border patrol employees say there is a problem and we need to fix it.
I lock my doors every day, to my house. I don’t lock them because I hate all people outside my house. I lock them because I love all the people inside my house. I also have an alarm system on my house. I didn’t install that alarm system because I don’t trust everyone that comes up to my house. I installed it for those few that may come to my house with bad intentions. When I go to someone else’s house that has an alarm system and their door locked … I don’t get offended. Instead, I knock on the door and ask to come in, like any law-abiding citizen should.
Think about it!