‘Family Engagement in Education Month’ kicks off with salute to Veterans

Throughout Florida, November is 'Family Engagement in Education Month,' and Somerset Jefferson K-12 kicked everything off the first November Monday morning with a salute to local veterans that also highlighted the importance of family members becoming “heroes” to their children by being involved in their kids’ education.
“We are thankful and grateful for your service,” said FDOE Division of Public Schools Chancellor Hershel Lyons to the assembled veterans. His father served in the Navy, Air Force and Army, and his brother is a retired Army sergeant.
He then went on to address the other heroes in the audience – the ones who didn't wear fatigues, but who were committed to helping students recognize their full potential – parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles.
Recounting a story he shares frequently, he revealed that he was not a star student in school, but as a result of dealing with his father being incarcerated for a year and half, even though his father took full responsibility for his actions, the teenaged Lyons began hanging around with the wrong crowd, thinking that college and good-paying jobs were not in his future. There were those who said nothing good would ever come of Hershel Lyons, “but someone had faith in me,” he said...