Fire Department offers home safety inspections

Amber Houston
ECB Publishing, Inc.

If you want a safe house, free from fire hazards, Jefferson County Fire Rescue is offering a great program for residents to opt into. According to Fire Chief Mark Matthews, the Department will be offering voluntary residential safety inspections. Jefferson county residents, whether renters or homeowners, can call and set up an appointment. During the appointment, a team of firefighters will visit your home and go through a safety checklist, looking for electrical hazards, trip hazards, fire hazards, and more. They will instruct homeowners in the safe and proper use of electrical decorations, smoke detectors, heaters, and other home items that may pose a safety threat if used improperly. At the end of the day, you will have a suggestion sheet of ways to improve the safety of your home and reduce fire risk. You’ll also have an emergency escape route co-developed by you and the firefighters who visit. Chief Matthews said, “We want the community to know that we are here to help. If you have children or pets in your home, it takes a lot of effort and knowledge to make the home safe. If you have an elderly relative living alone, it is a source of peace of mind to know that their home is safe.” Call Chief Matthews at 342-0178 extension 1 to set up an appointment. This service is absolutely free. Appointments are subject to firefighter availability: emergency calls will take precedence.