Flood advisory for Jefferson County

Ashley Hunter
ECB Publishing, Inc.

On Monday, Aug. 19, the National Weather Service (NWS) located in Tallahassee has issued a flood advisory for several big bend counties in North Florida, including Jefferson County.

In particular, the NWS warns that due to heavy rain and thunderstorms, the southwestern portion of Jefferson County might experience minor flooding in the area.

According to the NWS, a flood advisory means that river and stream flows are elevated or that water may be due to collect in urban areas and stay at a level of ponding for several hours.

Throughout the week, the NWS predicts that Jefferson County will receive showers and thunderstorms, lasting until Sunday, Aug. 25.

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office (JCSO) reminds drivers to drive safely when traveling in areas that could be effected by flooding.

“Turn around, don't drown when encountering flooded roads,” advises the JCSO. “Most flood deaths occur in vehicles.”

Remember these safety tips when driving in the rain:

  • Turn your headlights on so that the drivers around you will be able to see your vehicle even in lowered visibility.
  • Driving in the rain with your emergency lights (“flashers”) on is illegal in Florida.
  • Leave extra space between you and other vehicles as it takes longer to stop your vehicle on wet roads and accidents are more likely to take place during the rain and storm.
  • If you feel as though your vehicle may be at the beginning stay of a hydroplane (when your vehicle loses traction and control due to standing water on the road) do not try to slam on brakes, quickly accelerate or jerk your steering wheel. The best course of action is to ease of the accelerator and slow down gradually.