Florida interstates among the most dangerous

Mickey Starling, ECB Publishing, Inc.

Florida has some of the busiest interstates in the country, which increases the need for caution while traveling. According to a recent study by EverQuote, you should be extra careful if driving on I-4 because it has received the unfortunate title of being the most dangerous interstate in America.
While interstate travel has become more dangerous nationwide, I-4 has a frightening mortality rate of 1.41 deaths per mile during the last six years over its 132 mile stretch from Tampa to Daytona Beach.  The overall increase in accidents is related to more drivers being distracted, especially by cellphone use. Studies have shown that 61 percent of drivers will use their phones while driving.
However, I-4 isn't alone in this category. Florida has three other major highways high on the list that might make you want to consider the backroads. The Florida Turnpike runs through 11 counties and is famous for fast drivers, road debris, and vacationers that make driving perilous. Daytime driving is recommended as the safest bet on the turnpike.
Interstate 95 is known to be particularly dangerous stretching from Miami-Dade through Broward County. This portion of the interstate experiences a mortality rate of 1.73 deaths per mile, again, often caused by distracted drivers. The other major contributor here is congestion, with 300,000 vehicles often traveling this busy interstate daily. It is not uncommon for 60 percent of I-95 to experience congestion on a regular basis.
Finally, I-10, which runs through Jefferson County, is known for numerous accidents due to a lack of barriers on its 2,460 mile stretch through eight states. Drivers are famous for quickly crossing numerous lanes without much notice, causing many accidents.
Fortunately, there are many friendly and less traveled roads to get you to your destination if time isn't an issue. Whatever route you choose, keep your eyes on the road and off of the cellphone.