Forever Tigers, Part I: JROTC honors its graduating cadets

Lynette Norris
ECB Publishing, Inc.

Among the JCMHS Class of 2017, were 15 seniors who had spent all or most of their high school career as cadets in the JROTC program.
Having studied three or four years in the JROTC, these cadets can enter U.S. Military active duty two ranks higher and earn $1000 a month more than their contemporaries after basic training.
The 15 cadets honored during the graduation ceremony are:  (4 years) Cadet SFC Jacquez Hayes, Cadet SFC Keilan Greene, Cadet SFC Tyler Howell, Cadet CPT Lakala Jones, Cadet SFC Ja'Mya Madry, Cadet SFC Jabriya Oliver, Cadet SFC Malika Thompson, Cadet CSM Robert Beverly, Cadet SFC Shar’Dre Bouie, Cadet SFC Adrian Hawkins, Cadet SFC Mercedes Saunders, and Cadet 1SG Mon’Treze Simmons; (3 years) Cadet SSG Christopher Jones, Cadet SSG Delondra Nealy, and Cadet SSG Mia Larry.
“The entire community celebrates their achievement,” said LTC William Liptrot, Senior Army Instructor, JROTC Tiger Battalion, Jefferson County Middle High School.
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