FSU Graduate Program creating political operatives

I am writing today in the hopes of inspiring members of our community who are looking to advance, or jump start their career in Politics. While the idea of career advancement can be daunting, I understand the importance of looking ahead as I was in this position at the start of this year.
As a young woman working for the Florida Legislature, I was unsure of my next move educationally. I knew graduate school was the way to go but was unsure what programs would help in advancing my professional career. As I looked around at my co-workers, I realized that several of them happened to be MAAPP graduates. After discussing with them what makes the MAAPP program different from other programs it become clear the driving force behind the program is the ability to be instructed by political professionals with years of experience, most notably Monticello local Dr. Robert E. Crew, Jr.
As the Director of the Master of Applied American Politics and Policy program Dr. Crew is shaping the minds of young graduate students at Florida State University. His diverse background in politics and depth of knowledge of the legislative process and policy gives his students a true insight on what their future in politics could hold.
If you are like me and are looking to expand your political knowledge by learning from professors like Dr. Crew while preparing yourself for a multitude of roles in the political realm, consider applying to Florida State University’s MAAPP program.

-Michaela Metcalfe