Glittering crowns and gowns at Jefferson Somerset Homecoming

Ashley Hunter
ECB Publishing, Inc.

As the sun set over Tiger Stadium on Friday, Sept. 6, football fans, students, friends and family gathered on the bleachers overlooking the Jefferson County Tigers’ home field.
But the Tigers, who were prepared to face off against the visiting North Florida Christian School Eagles, waited on the sidelines, giving the stage momentarily to an extraordinary group of student and athletes.
The Friday game was more than just another home game for the Tigers, but also served as the school’s homecoming celebration, and the school had selected its dazzling 2019-2020 Homecoming Court from a mixed group of stellar scholars, athletes and cheerleaders.
Starting the homecoming game off, the homecoming court was announced by name and title, before the paired members of the court circled the field, waving to those who had gathered to watch the homecoming game between the Tigers and Eagles.
At half-time, the court would return, this time to be properly introduced to their audience and involved in the homecoming celebrations.
This year’s homecoming court included a Mr. and Miss Elementary, a Mr. and Miss Middle School, a Mr. and Miss Orange and Blue, a Mr. and Miss Jefferson Somerset and, of course, the Homecoming King and Queen.
The 2019 Mr. and Miss Elementary are Lanzavian Footman and Azaria Morris.
Azaria Morris, daughter of Annie Jones, of Monticello, is a fifth-grader at Jefferson Somerset. Morris dreams of becoming a lawyer and someday attending Flagler University when she’s finished with all of her middle and high school education.
Lanzavian Footman is also a fifth-grader, and is the son of Lance Sr. and Thelma Footman, both of Monticello. Footman is setting his future sights on someday being a professional football player, serving in the United States military or serving his community as a law enforcement officer.
The 2019 Mr. and Miss Middle School are Johnathan Youngblood and Zaniya Parrish.
Zaniya Parrish is an eighth-grader at Jefferson Somerset and is the daughter of Patrick and Teri Parrish, of Monticello. Parrish hopes to one day be a Seminole under the Florida State University banner and dreams of studying to become a lawyer.
Johnathan Youngblood, an eighth-grader at Jefferson Somerset, aims to fly high and attend Harvard someday after graduating from high school. There, he will study to become an orthopedic surgeon. Youngblood is the son of Latrese Barrington and Theola Scott, both of Monticello.
The 2019 Mr. and Miss Orange and Blue are Detrevian Nealy and Ayianna Bradley. This recognition was given to the school’s “Most Spirited” duo.
Ayianna Bradley is a senior at Jefferson Somerset. After graduating at the end of this school year, Bradley plans to attend the University of Central Florida with the aim to become a nurse practitioner. Bradley is a cheerleader for the Jefferson Somerset Tigers. Bradley is the daughter of Karen Arnold, of Monticello.
Detrevian Nealy is also a senior at Jefferson Somerset and a football athlete on the Tigers’ team (#1). Nealy is the son of Monticello-resident Yolonda Nealy. After graduating high school, Nealy plans on attending Florida State University, where he hopes to play football professionally and study food science.
The 2019 Mr. and Miss Jefferson Somerset are Allen Washington and Katelynn Jimenez.
Katelynn Jimenez is a senior at Jefferson Somerset and has big plans to become a wildlife biologist. Her plans to achieve that dream involve attending North Florida College, in Madison, in order to launch her into her dream career. Jimenez is the daughter of Ramiro and Nicolasa Jimenez, both of Monticello.
Allen Washington is a senior at Jefferson Somerset. This year’s Mr. Jefferson Somerset is also an athlete on the Tiger Football team (#7). Washington is the son of Shaundra Buggs, of Miami, and Corey Washington, of Tallahassee. After graduating from high school, Washington plans to attend Florida A&M University, with the goal of majoring in science or music in order to someday become a music producer.
This year’s honorable Homecoming King and Queen are Anthony Seaton and Cindy Le.
Cindy Le is a senior at Jefferson Somerset, as well as a cheerleader for the Tigers. After graduating at the end of this school year, Jefferson’s Homecoming Queen plans to attend Florida State University and aspires to become a lawyer. Le is the daughter of Minh-Em Le and My Hang Duong, both of Monticello.
Anthony Seaton is also a senior at Jefferson Somerset. Seaton is the son of Anthony and Nicky Seaton, both of Monticello. After graduating, Jefferson’s Homecoming King plans to enlist with the United States Army and become a mechanical engineer.