Hat’s off to Mr. Oliver

I am trying to understand Shirley Washington. First of all, I don't.
If she is all about the education of the children, then why did the district have to turn over the school system to a charter? If the school board had made the right decisions then a charter school wouldn't be here. How many times have the school boards members made trips to the school just to pay attention? How many times has any member taken time to observe?
I believe Mr. Oliver is on the right track. The problem at hand will not be solved overnight. He has made changes needed that the school board couldn't. All of the requests that are being sought are very much needed. Therapists and IEP’s are a definite.
I personally made trips to observe and shadow students and teachers. The children (especially the young ones) have issues. When there is lack of communication, structure, discipline and control at home, children take their behavior to school. Honestly, this is a reflection on poor parenting skills. I am not saying they are bad parents. There is a difference between taking care of a child and raising a child. Too many children are placed in front of tv's, games, etc. as a babysitter. Too many parents are involved with their cell phones and games to be involved with the teaching of children. Do I call this neglect? Absolutely!
My hat is off to Mr. Oliver. He actually understands the issues at hand. Shame on Shirley Washington. Someone please find her a rocking chair and a lap blanket and put her on the front porch or out to pasture for good.

Carrie Bynum