High Voltage Line

I read with concern your article, “High Voltage Line to Cross Jefferson County.”
First, the headline implies this is a done deal. It is not. The impacted residents are fighting this project, which is all pain and no gain for Leon and Jefferson.
Second, the article takes at face value Gulf Power’s claim that this line will help local residents. It won’t. Leon and Jefferson counties are not even in NextEra’s service area.
Finally, the response from the County Administrator was disappointing. This out-of-town, profit making, behemoth of a company, wants to take residents’ land—and even their homes—by forced sale. Far from having “little say in the matter,” County officials have a responsibility to protect their hardworking, tax paying constituents from this kind of threat.
Commissioner Steve Walker in Jefferson and Kristin Dozier in Leon understand this, and have stepped up. One can only hope our other elected leaders will do the same.

Sincerely, Debi Brock