Highway 59 Band

Debbie Snapp
ECB Publishing, Inc.

The band members of Highway 59 have been playing and performing music and song locally for about two years now. Most of their performances are for private parties and such but this new 2018 year we will be seeing... and hearing them more as they will be performing regularly at the American Legion Otto. Walker Post 49 on South Water Street.
Multi-talented band member Rick Knowles plays rhythm guitar and vocals. He shares his thoughts, bits of his musical life, and the beginning of Highway 59. He's a singer/songwriter and was a member of the Nashville Songwriters Association for several years. He proudly adds, “The greatest harmonica player in the world, Charlie McCoy, who was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame and was music director for the television show Hee-Haw, played on my Gospel album.” He also shares that, “Sammy Tedder played on both of my albums. He played on the song 'Redneck Riviera' with Tom T. Hall, and is a soundtrack composer for nature documentaries and has several albums out himself.”
Knowles is currently working on a 'Blues' CD. He won a 'Directors Award of Merit' from Paramount Music in Nashville for his song 'Taking the Long Road Home;' and he won an 'Honor Award' from the Great American Song Contest for his song 'Down in Mexico.' He has a children’s song on his CD, 'Catching Smiles,' in coordination with the Lawton Chiles Foundation and Whole Child Leon that support children’s programs.
Knowles was raised in the Nazarene Church. His father was the Minister of Music and a Nazarene Preacher. He grew up with old time gospel music and songs with harmonies. He's been playing music since his teenage years when Ross Harrell taught him to play guitar back in high school. He set his music aside for several years while he raised his family. When he got back into music he played with the 'Monticello Jaboree.'.The band still performs at the old Jefferson County High school on Friday evenings.
He started 'The In-Laws & Outlaw' band and played the area for about 10 years, winning the 'Entertainer of the Year' award at the Taylor County Pine Tree Festival. The band also played the 'Cattle Barron’s Ball' for the American Cancer Society in Tallahassee for many years.
Encore Band members and friends Mike Purvis and Ronnie Weeks played on Knowles' first album, 'These Country Blues'. “One of my fondest memories of my music career is when the Purvis Brothers asked me to sing a song with them when they played for Charlie McCoy at the Monticello Opera House; and Charlie was just off stage smiling at me and giving me the 'thumbs up' sign. WOW, I’ve been to the Mountain Top,” shares Knowles. “I have also been fortunate enough to meet Josh Noland. Josh recorded a hit song many years ago called 'Rhapsody in Blue', played on the guitar. He not only furthered my music education but produced and recorded my second album, 'Turn it up Gospel.'
“I signed with Tommy Overstreet Publishing. Josh had told Tommy Overstreet about me and Tommy called me one day at home and made an offer to me and I accepted. Tommy placed my music on Deja Vu Records.” These CDs are sold at all Highway 59 shows.
In comes Highway 59 band member and drummer Bruce Linton. He and Knowles are childhood friends. One day they came together for a jam session, and that’s when the band began. Instruments, voices, and good friends... isn't that how most band get their start? From there, Linton brought in his friend and lead guitar and vocals member Dave Peters. Peters style of playing, his voice, and his knowledge of music were a sure fit. Bass Player Ronnie Wright's pleasant attitude and fine style got him an invite to jam with the others. He impressed the others so that when he stayed... they didn't mind at all. Wright had played with Knowles and Josh Noland a few times in the years before.
For more information and a schedule of performances go to ricknowlesmusic.com.