Increasing Diabetes Self-Management Awareness

The Florida Department of Health in Jefferson County is actively working to implement a Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME) program. If you are one of the millions of people living with diabetes, a DSME program can help you have a better quality of life. You will learn the necessary skills to manage your diabetes more effectively. This program will be tailored to meet your individual goals, needs, and life experiences.
DSME services should be received at diagnosis. When you are first diagnosed, you may not know where to begin; a DSME program can provide you with support and information to help you start managing your diabetes. A DSME program can also help during your yearly follow-up by checking your progress and helping prevent other complications.
Major life changes such as a change in your living situation, job, insurance plan, or doctor can affect your diabetes, and a DSME program can help you manage these situations and the effect they have on your diabetes.
Other service provided by a DSME program include:
Helping you make better decisions about your
Working with your physician to be sure you
get the support you need.
Learning skills to help take of yourself, such as:
• Staying active
• Eating healthy
• Taking your medications correctly
• Coping with the emotional side of diabetes
• Checking your blood sugar
• Reducing your risk for other health issues
The cost of DSME services can vary depending on private insurance coverage, Medicaid, or Medicare.
If you have any questions or would like to know more about this program, please do not hesitate to call (850) 342-0170 ext. 1228 or visit