It Takes A Village: raising awareness against drunk driving

Ashley Hunter, ECB Publishing, Inc.

Drunk driving effects no demographic more than any other. Across all races, all classes, all genders and ages, driving under the influence effects everyone.

“We are all driving the same roads,” said Claudia Machado, a representative and Programs Specialist with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). “It doesn't matter where you are from; it can happen to anyone.” On Monday, June 4, leaders of the community and law enforcement officers gathered in the community room at the Jefferson County Library to take part in a presentation provided by Machado.

Originally, the event was planned as a discussion with parents on how to discuss drunk driving, safe alcohol usage and underage drinking to their children, but due to a low turn out, Machado tailored her presentation to better serve her audience of law enforcement leaders and city and county leaders.

Machado shared about MADD, starting with the origins of the organization that speaks out against drunk-driving, and continuing on to the programs that MADD holds to education and assist. “Our mission is to end drunk driving,” said Machado, adding that deaths caused by driving drunk are completely preventable.

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