Jefferson County district displays…

Ashley Hunter
ECB Publishing, Inc.

A new law went into effect on July 1 that required all school districts within the state of Florida to display the state motto: “In God We Trust” in a visible place within the district's schools as well as any other building used by the school district.
HB7055, under section 22 – subsection 4 reads: “Each district school board shall adopt rules to require, in all of the schools of the district and in each building used by the district school board, the  display of the state motto.”

During the regularly scheduled September meeting of the Jefferson County School Board on Monday, Sept. 10, Superintendent Marianne Arbulu officially unveiled the artwork that will now hang on the wall behind the board members and boldly displays the state motto.
“We're really happy how this turned out,” said Superintendent Arbulu to the five members of the Jefferson County School Board and the meeting's citizen audience.
Another artwork has been made and will hang in the Kirkpatrick Auditorium, which the school district owns and rents out to the public.
In addition to those two required displays of the state motto, Superintendent Arbulu says that Principal Cory Oliver was handling the process of getting the motto displayed within the Jefferson Somerset campus.
“It's statute, it's required, but I think it's nice to have a piece of artwork on our walls,” said Superintendent Arbulu.