Jefferson County farmers visit Washington D.C.

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Members of the Jefferson County Farm Bureau visited with Florida’s Congressional delegation in Washington, D.C., from Tuesday, May 8 through Thursday, May 10, to discuss various federal policies that affect agricultural producers.
The visit included a series of conversations on proposals for the new farm bill, the North American Free Trade Agreement and agricultural labor reform.
Local farmers also met with officials at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to learn more about the administration’s strategies for implementing regulatory reform. All sessions were held as part of Florida Farm Bureau’s Field to the Hill Trip, an annual initiative that gives members opportunities to engage in constructive dialogues with our national leaders.
The trip is a positive example of citizen participation in representative government.
Farm Bureau volunteers seek constructive policy solutions that benefit our larger society while helping to sustain our domestic food production.
“Our members were solid representatives of farm families in our state. I appreciate their willingness to leave their farms and ranches and join us in Washington,” said Jefferson County Farm Bureau President Ernest Fulford. “I thank our Congressional delegation for the hospitable welcome they received while they were in Washington,” he added. “We had excellent, constructive meetings with our national representatives. I know they will keep our perspectives in mind as they consider policies that have a direct impact upon farm families in Florida.”