John Roberts in need of help

Debbie Snapp
ECB Publishing, Inc.

John H. Roberts was born and raised in Monticello. Now, at 66 years of age, he needs financial help from family and friends to help with his continuing loss of sight and mounting medical bills.
He is a widower and the sixth of nine siblings. He is the father of six children and nine grandchildren. screen-shot-2016-12-29-at-3-26-17-pmHe is a strong believer of God and has always taken responsibility for his family.
John has a great sense of humor and enjoys spending time with his family and watching sports events and old westerns on the television. He also enjoys traveling and meeting new people.
He has spent a long career in the fields of plastering and construction. Three years ago he retired with plans of a new chapter in his life. He was happy. He was excited. But, his plans soon changed when he began experiencing vision problems.
Glaucoma was diagnosed in both eyes and it was deteriorating his eyes at a fast rate of speed. He's had several medical procedures and surgeries and he's been to several doctors leaving his eye sight blurry and his eyes constantly itchy and painful. He can no longer drive and needs assistance with his daily activities.
Family members have been doing research about John's medical condition and have located a specialist, Dr. Jeffrey Weiss, with Retina Associates in Margate, Florida. He uses stem cells from glaucoma patients to repair optic nerve damage. John was determined to be a good candidate for this surgery.
Unfortunately, this is considered to be elective surgery and insurance will not cover the expense of this 'specialized' surgery. The eye exam alone costs $400 and the surgery will cost $19,600.
John's family and friends are trying to collect the amount needed through generous donations by his scheduled surgery date, February 26, 2017. Any little bit will help. To help, send your donations to: The John H. Roberts Glaucoma Fund, c/o Ms. Harley at 146 Ann Road, Monticello, FL. 32344. Direct your questions and concerns to her at 850-322-2388.
Donations may also be made to the Dad Go Fund Me Account at
Your continued prayers are most needed now, for the success of John's surgery and for the improvement of his eye sight.