Key’s Tile, LLC: 20 years of tile laying experience from local craftsman

Debbie Snapp
ECB Publishing, Inc.

Key's Tile, LLC is a Monticello establishment, owned and operated by Justin Key, who has over 20 years of local experience in the tile industry.
Key's tile services offered include the laying of floor and wall tile, whether it is made of ceramic, brick pavers, concrete or any other composite materials the client should decide on. Key can also lay glazed or unglazed glass, cork and stone tiles.
Homeowners who choose to employ Key's Tile for their floor or wall tile needs can be assured that Justin Key will lay the perfect fit every time and completely meet the expectations of his clients.
Most of the tile jobs Key has done to date are square or rectangular in shape, but he's up for a challenge if his client wants to be more creative.
Key's Tile has laid floating floors in bedrooms and living rooms that look identical to laid wooden flooring.
Justin Key is experienced in bathroom and kitchen tiling; showers, tubs, floors, back splashes and more.
Do you need tile work done on a single room or whole houses, but want to weigh out the costs of your tile options?
Key offers professional and straight-forward estimates free of charge. He will share his thoughts and ideas and will listen to yours. He works directly with the customer.
“I'm honest and a man of my word,” he goes on to say. “If I tell you that I will be there at a specific time and day, I will be there.”
Licensed and insured, Key's Tile, LLC is available seven days a week for commercial and residential and accepts calls and inquires any time or day.
Justin Key was born and raised in Jefferson County; he attended school in the Jefferson County School District and has been working locally since he was 14 years old.
With a history of dedicated work ethic, Key has worked at everything from lawn maintenance to bagging groceries in his youth, but found his true passion to be working with tile.
Justin Key has been married eight years to Jessica Smith Key. They have three daughters and a son. He is the son of Tony and Velida Key, both of Jefferson County.
So, make your call today, get an estimate and choose Key's Tile for your tile needs!
Contact this trusted, proven and dedicated tile-laying professional by calling (850) 544-2636, or by emailing inquires to vernonkey1982@ and get started on your new project today!