Kindergarten students tour the fire station

Debbie Snapp
ECB Publishing, Inc.

Jefferson Somerset kindergarten students and their teachers took a bus trip to the Jefferson County Fire Rescue facility on Thursday, Nov. 21, to learn about the fire station.
The visit lasted only about an hour, but the students sure did see a lot of new and exciting things.
The kindergartners were given a tour of the station after a visit around the fire trucks and ambulances. The firemen who were on duty took turns describing the different parts of the emergency vehicles and the tools they use to fight fires.
Some of the students learned how to hold and point the fire hoses and fire extinguishers. One of the firemen came into the crowd of 60 students dressed in full gear so that they could touch his bunker gear and face mask.
Lots of youthful questions were asked of the firemen, and lots of answers were given. And of course, the fire siren was blown quite often for the amusement of the students.
Each student received a plastic firefighter helmet before leaving on the two buses that brought them.
Teachers visiting with the students included Erin Greene, Cayco Brooks, Virginia Richardson and Joy Fender.
Firefighters, Emergency Technicians and Paramedics on duty at the time of the visit included Shift A Firefighter and Captain Jim Iten, Firefighter and Lieutenant Ryan Flynt, Firefighter and Paramedic Joey Tillman, Firefighter/EMT Lance Blomeley, Paramedic Mike Register, Firefighter/PMD Joe Kacur and Chief Derrick Burris.