Kiwanis gives dictionaries to local third graders

Ashley Hunter
ECB Publishing, Inc.

As part of an annual tradition that is shared with third grade students and members of the local Kiwanis Club chapter, several dictionaries found new homes last week.
Kiwanis members Floyd Faglie, Jill Denton, Joe Anderson and Stephen Trent visited two third grade classrooms at the Jefferson Somerset elementary campus in order to give out boxes of student dictionaries to the classrooms of kids.
Called The Dictionary Project, the act of presenting schoolchildren with a dictionary of their own is an yearly tradition for Kiwanis Clubs around the country.
For several years, Jefferson County's Kiwanis Club has participated in this project, giving out thousands of dictionaries to third graders at Aucilla Christian Academy and Jefferson Somerset.
“Our mission is to help children and to help youth,” said Faglie as he opened the cardboard boxes filled with brand-new dictionaries on Wednesday, Nov. 6.
This year, the Kiwanis Club visited the classrooms of teachers Raven Wilcoxson and Cynthia Barrington.
Monticello Kiwanis Club President Jill Denton quizzed students on their knowledge of the dictionary and provided several fascinating facts about the book of words.
After her quiz and information session, the third graders were invited to come up and receive a copy of their own dictionary.
This book would be one which students could write their name into and take home – a dictionary of their own.
When asked, many of the students said they didn't have a dictionary in their home, and were incredibly excited to have their own.
After signing their name in the first page of their dictionary, the third graders spent time pouring over the collection of words.
In addition to visiting and sharing dictionaries with the students at Jefferson Somerset, the Kiwanis Club made plans to also give dictionaries out to third graders at Aucilla Christian Academy as well as several homeschool students.