Lights on the courthouse: Two local electricians handle the job

Ashley Hunter
ECB Publishing, Inc.

Throughout the holiday season, the clock tower of the Jefferson County Courthouse glittered brilliantly in the evening with electric lights that had been secured to the outside of the courthouse’s clock tower.
The lights, which were visible to any traveler passing through Jefferson County and set a festive mood for the community, were the product of the labor of two local electricians, Kent Bass and Heath Bass, both of Bass Electric.
On Wednesday, Dec. 18, the two electricians climbed up through the courthouse’s attic in the courtroom, then traveled up flights of steep stairs and ladders to reach the building’s bell tower.
Once in the bell tower, Heath Bass secured himself in a safety harness and climbed to the outside of the courthouse’s clock tower and dome. From his eagle-eyed view of the city, Heath was secured above the 110-year-old courthouse as he and his fellow electrician secured the strips of colorful lights to the outside of the clock tower.
After making sure the lights were firmly in place, the two electricians than had to connect all the wires and secure the electrical components from within the tower and attic.
At the end of the day, the electricians secured the lights and ensured that anyone who passed through downtown Monticello and the courthouse circle in the evening and nighttime hours would get a chance to see the glittering lights above the city.
The project was funded by Jefferson County’s Clerk of the Court Kirk Reams.