Love Don’t Lie

Local songwriter’s music featured in movie

Debbie Snapp
ECB Publishing, Inc.

Love Don't Lie is a world premiere movie coming out on Netflix, this spring.
It's an S.D.T Productions film with actors Bryant Smith, Steve Turner, Sarah Stewart and Mary Marie Nevels sharing the plot with Stanley L. Walker, Jr., writer, producer and actor. Special music will be performed and written by Jefferson County resident Dr. Barbara Thomas Reddick.
Walker was inspired to write this story after being inspired by true events that occurred in his life with some of his Tallahassee and Leon County hometown friends.
The movie is filled with an array of emotions, including friendship, love, struggles and how social media plays a part in our daily lives.
“It has love and everything in between,” adds Walker.
The story plot goes like this: Dave realizes he is in love with Becky. She is the most important thing in his life, and he doesn't want to mess this up because he is the kind of guy who has a hard time finding 'the girl of his dreams' because of the company he keeps. He didn't know how to separate himself from his friends, who have no respect for women. Dave finally gets into college and it's only then that he realizes his life could have changed a long time ago if he had not been hanging out with his hometown friends.
Dr. Reddick is a longtime resident of Monticello, born and raised in Greenville and a college friend of Stanley L. Walker, Jr.
She wrote one of the songs in the movie Love Don't Lie. The song, “Looking For Love” ties into the plot of the film when Dave begins to talk to God. She wrote her song 20+ years ago. She wrote it “When I fell in love with God,” she says.
How did her song come into play for this movie? Well, she shares her story this way: “I was riding in Tallahassee and I noticed a billboard advertising Love Don't Lie. I knew this was the creation of my college friend and I just wanted to contact and congratulate him. We talked for a long time and during that time he mentioned that he was looking for something special in a song to blend into his movie. I sent him two songs. He liked “Looking For Love” and remembered it from college days. He knew right off that it would be a good fit into his story line. He called me back a few weeks later after speaking to the producer and the rest is history.
Because the song had to be brought up to today's standards, Dr. Reddick had to re-record the song and send it back for approval again. It was all worth the effort though.
It's a beautiful song, sung from the heart. Also on the song, with her on the piano, is John Nelson on the saxophone. Nelson is another longtime Jefferson County resident. Dr. Reddick, Nelson and Walker, Jr., combined their musical talents during college, singing and making music around the Jefferson County Leon County areas.
Dr. Reddick plays the piano, writes music and sings her praises and love for God in this song and in every song she performs. Many of her songs are recorded on CD; her most popular is “Walking By Faith.”
She is a preacher and pastor of Brin Fountain AME Church and Springhill AME Church, educated at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD., where she completed her residency as a Leadership Chaplain. She always knew she'd be in the Ministry for the Lord.
“Keep believing in yourself,” she shares, “and your Aah-Ha Moment will come. I'm doing what I'm happy about”
Love Don't Lie has been one-year in the making, it's very powerful and is a must-see film for all ages.