Man arrested on drug charges

Lazaro Aleman
ECB Publishing, Inc.

Two Monticello Police Department officers are being praised this month for their bust of an alleged drug Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 8.46.07 AMdealer. Officer Trevor Boland was monitoring traffic at the intersection of North Railroad and York Street at Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 8.45.59 AMapproximately 6:30 p.m., when a white sedan approached playing very loud music. As this is a violation of the city noise ordinance, Boland attempted to make a routine traffic stop. The driver seemed to have other ideas, according to Boland: the sedan ran several stop signs to get onto N. Jefferson Street, and then cut over on Mulberry Street to W. Washington. At this point, Boland was joined in his pursuit by Officer Jack Pitts. The two radioed the Sheriff’s Office to inform them that the suspect was leaving city limits, and continued pursuit. Then, at high speed, the sedan attempted to turn onto Old Lloyd Road, losing control of the vehicle, and causing it to roll. After the officers checked on the driver, Aldonius Higdon, they were able to conduct an investigation. What they found explained why Higdon ran. According to police reports, the search yielded 522 grams of marijuana valued at $5,220, 102 bags of bath salts (molly) valued at $465, 3.4 grams of crack cocaine valued at $272, 9.2 grams of flakka valued at $389, and 1 gram of cocaine valued at $60. Total value of narcotics seized was $6,406. MPD officers also located $2,437 in cash on Hidgon. Higdon was released by Jefferson County EMS and taken to the Jefferson County Jail for booking. Multiple charges were levied against him including operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license; aggravated fleeing and attempting to elude a law enforcement officer; possession of marijuana with intent to sell; possession of cocaine with intent to sell; and possession of synthetic bath salts with intent to sell. Bond was set at $25,500 and he remained in the county jail on March 24.