Porch de Salomon (Panajachel, Guatemala) •

Mark the milestones of your mercy and love, God; Rebuild the ancient landmarks! Psalm 25:6 (MSG)
a: something that grinds or crushes
b: a heavy burden
(Merriam –Webster dictionary)

We are excited how Porch de Salomon’s 2017 ended, and how our 2018 has begun. From Lindsey’s healthy baby girl, to our 100th completed house (Cristina Ajcalon Coj’s), we praise God for such recent milestones. We ended 2017 with strong donations (thank you generous and faithful North Florida donors!) and entered 2018 with a good head of financial steam.
What’s the “millstone” part about? The first part of the definition (“something that grinds or crushes”) describes the lives of many of Guatemala’s indigenous people, especially women and children. Examples of that include suffering from the world’s tenth-worst chronic malnutrition rate and being ranked as the world’s sixth-worst country for women.
The second part of the definition (“a heavy burden”) applies to our 13-year effort to rescue those Guatemalans from grinding poverty and crushing despair, in Jesus’ name. We thank those of you who help us bear that burden with your time, talents, and treasures.
We invite everyone reading this to share your treasure, your money, with Porch’s work in 2018. Please contact me if you’re ready; or 850.688.2076. Gracias! Lloyd Monroe