MPD welcomes new officer

Debbie Snapp
ECB Publishing, Inc.

The Monticello Police Department welcomes new Police Officer Takaya Broxie into its family. She joined the department in May.
She is a 2016 graduate of Aucilla Christian Academy and attended the North Florida Community College Law Enforcement Academy with 40+ fellow students over a period of 11 months. The program is designed as specified by the Florida Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission and is an application-based program addressing tasks required of law enforcement officers. Upon completion, recruits sit for the State of Florida Officer Certification Examination.
Officer Broxie was born in Monticello to Polly Crumity and Terry Broxie. As far back as she can remember she's been obsessed with crime and law enforcement. She admits to watching CSI and all other kinds of crime shows on television.
Serving, protecting... that's what she wants to do. She has family members involved in law enforcement, so that too helped in making her decision to follow law enforcement as a career.
She cares about her community and cares about what goes on in her community. She will continue her education on different levels of law enforcement. Narcotics is just one of those levels.
She adds that she was always 'the good student' in school. She knew everyone and got along with everyone, no-matter who they were. So she sees no negative job-related issues... at least not from her. She knows there will be confrontations, good and bad, but she's comfortable in knowing that she has been trained to handle herself. She’s confident and reassured that she will make a great officer of the law. At the end of each workday she is sure to feel as though she did a good job, knowing that she treated everybody fairly.
In her free time she especially enjoys her young nephew. She catches up on sports, goes fishing with her uncle, and enjoys being with her family and friends. She visits the local Winn Dixie where she used to work.