Mya Trammell: Jefferson County’s performer

Jefferson student sings national anthem
at Tallahassee Community College
graduation ceremony

Ashley Hunter
ECB Publishing, Inc.

Mya Trammell, an 18-year-old Jefferson Somerset student, recently got the opportunity of a lifetime when she was invited to sing before the graduating 2019 class at Tallahassee Community College (TCC).
According to Trammell, who has long been a popular performer at local Jefferson County sports games and events, she has been singing since she was a young girl.
“It all started in church,” said Trammell, who attends Sweetfield Missionary Baptist Church, located off Old Lloyd Road.
“I have a family background full of singers,” she adds.
Trammell's mother, grandmother and grandfather are all talented singers, so Trammell grew up surrounded by music and encouraged to sing at church events.
“It's a family trait,” she says. “I happen to have that in my blood, being able to sing.”
While she was a sixth grade student at the Jefferson Middle/High School, Trammell said she got her first opportunity to sing at a non-church function when she was offered the chance to sing at the school's homecoming game.
“It was homecoming night and 1st Sgt. Terry Walker asked me if I could sing,” said Trammell.
Her grandmother had told Sgt. Walker that her granddaughter was a talented singer, with Trammell's peers and classmates quickly attesting that Mya Trammell was, indeed, a naturally gifted performer.
“He came to me and said, 'do you sing?' and I said 'yes sir, I do.' and he said 'would you like to sing at homecoming?' and I said sure,” said Trammell.
Standing in the football field at Tiger Lane, Mya Trammell performed “America the Beautiful” before the homecoming crowd that had gathered to watch the Jefferson County Tigers.
“Ever since then, I've been singing nonstop at every opportunity I get,” said Trammell.
Since that moment as a sixth grader, Trammell has gone on to sing at ceremonies around Jefferson County and sports games as well as with a Tallahassee-centered band, where Trammell has performed at weddings and other private events.
However, on May 4, Trammell was invited to sing at her first-ever large-scale performance – the TCC Spring Commencement Ceremony.
Mya Trammell's mother, Nikki Trammell, had attended TCC and was one of the approximately 800 graduates receiving recognition at the May 4 event.
After videos of her daughter's singing ended up being viewed by event organizers, Mya Trammell was given an invite to perform the national anthem before the hundreds of graduates, TCC faculty members, family members of the graduates and Tallahassee community leaders.
On Saturday evening, at the Donald L. Tucker Civic Center in Tallahassee, Trammell performed a heart-felt rendition of our nation's anthem and earned a thunderous collection of praise and applause following her performance.
From the young girl singing at church, to the sixth grader performing at Jefferson County's homecoming to a soon-to-be high school graduate who performed before thousands at a college graduation ceremony, Jefferson County's Mya Trammell has come quite the distance – but she has no plans on slowing down.
Following her graduation from Jefferson Somerset, Trammell plans to attend TCC and after obtaining her AA degree, she is planning to transfer to Florida A&M University, where she will major in music and minor in theater.
As far as her post-college plans go, Trammell says: “I aspire to be a famous singer and musician.”
In addition to her stunning vocals, Trammell can play the flute, oboe and piano.
Trammell is the daughter of Nikki Ransom Trammell.
To see Trammell's Tallahassee Community College performance, watch it on her YouTube Channel, at