New Officer at the MPD: La-Quasha Williams

Ashley Hunter, ECB Publishing, Inc.

Coming to Monticello from Gadsden County, Patrol Officer La-Quasha Williams has been employed at the Monticello Police Department (MPD) for a little over a month.
This is her first position in law enforcement after her graduation from the Pat Thomas Law Enforcement Academy in Havana.
“I knew Law Enforcement Officers growing up, I always thought it was an awesome field. I knew that whatever I did, it would be within a law [career],” said Williams. “It's something that I knew I could do, and something that I knew I wanted to do.”
A major influence in her decision to pursue a law enforcement career was Investigator Hall, from the Gadsden County Sheriff's Office, said Williams. She met Inv. Hall in her early teens, and said that she had thought of police officers differently prior to her interactions with Hall.
“Before I met him, I thought of police officers differently—as in personality-wise. I didn't see a lot of personality,” said Williams. “Then I met him, and started meeting other officers, and I started seeing them [differently].”
She might be new, but of her career, Williams says: “I love it.”
“Being able to help people, patrolling, and seeing that people are safe—people really appreciate it,” she adds. “Hearing the thank you’s, not that I need it, but hearing it makes it feel like we are doing something that matters and that's a huge part of [the job].”
When she can find some time outside of patrolling and protecting, Williams says she enjoys reading and watching TV. She's also an avid music buff and listens to “a lot” of music.
Williams is new, far from her roots, and a rookie in the law enforcement profession, but she's leaped into her role as public servant and community protector, and has no plan to leave any time soon.
“I have really enjoyed Monticello so far, and I am looking forward to a long and happy career here.”