New Officer at the MPD: Patrolman James Peacock

Ashley Hunter
ECB Publishing, Inc.

Patrolman James Peacock is the newest cop on the block at the Monticello Police Department (MPD).
A Monticello local, Ptl. Peacock has only been with the MPD for a little over two weeks now, but has worked with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office as a maintenance supervisor for a little over a year, and served in the United States military as a marine for three years.
“Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to be in the military. So I graduated high school and I got into that,” said Ptl. Peacock. “When I got out, I still had that drive and passion to serve, so law enforcement was the next step into that.”
In contrast to a military career, Ptl. Peacock has found that while serving as an officer in a local law enforcement agency, he is able to get out into the community and connect with citizens more than he could in the military.
“I can get out there and try to make a difference and change some things,” said Peacock.
According to Ptl. Peacock, joining the military is a tradition in his family.
“All the men have served [in the military],” he said, adding that he is actually the first member of his family to enter into a law enforcement career, however.
Outside of serving and protecting, he enjoys blacksmithing, and has his own forge at home; as well as motorcycling, fishing, and hunting.