NextEra Transmission Line

I am a concerned resident regarding the proposed transmission line running through our county.
Could someone in Jefferson County please explain to me why our county commissioners are not standing up for residents who are still affected by the new proposed route on the existing gas line easement as well as residents on 259.
Last night’s NextEra Open house at the fair grounds revealed that they had considered many routes however they could only speak of three, Tram Road route, I-10 corridor, and now the new proposed gas-line easement.
When mentioning the I -10 corridor which I believe is the best route their response was they can’t meet FDOT “criteria”. When asked what the criteria is they seemed vague. They told us we will have to get all the routes they looked at through permitting and DEP.
I also read the article in the Tallahasee Democrat that there will be money (Tax Revenue) split between the counties. I’m sure the residents of Jefferson County would like to know that split.
Please help us understand why we are just letting this happen to Jefferson County residents.
Leon County Commissioners stepped up to the plate let’s see if Jefferson County Commissioners can to. Thank you for listening.

Darrell Relken