NextEra/ Transmission Lines – new proposed gas pipeline route

While I and my neighbors appreciate all of City of Tallahassee, Jefferson, Leon and Tallahassee commissioners have done on the NextEra project, the "new proposed gas line route" is far from ideal for us in Jefferson County.
The pipeline route will "spare" a lot of the Leon County residents from the "eye sore" of the power poles, as most of it will be routed behind their homes and off of Tram. The route will still run though many wet lands, the St Marks river, the new Plank Road Wildlife Preserve, tree loss is still a concern, as are the gopher tortoise, indigo snake, red cockaded woodpecker and other wildlife that still reside in this area. People in these areas still have wells that may very well be contaminated by the gout used to fill the holes for the power poles. The area is still prone to the same economic, environmental and aesthetic cost to the residents in this area.
There is still the potential of private easements being taken from residents that don't want or need these 90 ft concrete poles on their property, as they also, decrease property values and still provide NO service to our local power providers.
I seriously, doubt you, any of the commissioners or even NextEra would want these poles anywhere near their property.
I hope that you, the City of TLH commissioners, Leon County commissions and Jefferson County commissioners will continue to take this in to consideration as NextEra moves along with its plans for this transmission line.

Debi Brock