Pastor Spotlight

Debbie Snapp
ECB Publishing, Inc.

Rev. John Jones is the pastor of the First Corinthian Church, located now at 955 Lemon St.
He started his small church congregation in 2009, in a tent on a corner yard, in the area of Monticello sometimes referred to as Roostertown.
As the congregation grew, so did the need for a building. After several inquiries, he set his sights on a building that needed lots of repairs and hard labor. But, his faithful congregation pulled together and they now call this once dilapidated building their house of worship, their house of God.
Worship service is held at 11 a.m. on Saturday mornings and at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday evenings.
Pastor John walks about the town of Monticello every day, putting miles on his footwear; carrying a small Bible in his vest pocket and a walking stick.
He gets stopped quite often by neighbors and visitors wanting to chat or pray about this and that. This makes for a great time to share about God and all His greatness.
“You got to come out of your four walls,” he says. “To do what I do is a blessing.” When people ask about his walking stick he'll say to them, “I'm glad you asked,” and that's the open door to share the 'Good News' about Jesus and love and kindness.
Pastor John has lived here his entire life. He did go away for a while in 1979, when the Army wanted him, and he was happy to serve and help defend his country.
He's married to Sylvia Brown Jones. They have two grown children.
He continues to work for the County Solid Waste Department and is a City Councilman.
Visit Pastor John at church one Saturday morning soon, or contact him at (850) 545-2039 or for prayer.